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Look who's stalking, Want to know who sees your Facebook profile?

One of the things that distinguishes and may be the cause of the success of Facebook than Friendster is the respect for privacy. In addition to the number of ads that really annoy users, Friendster is not also allow monitoring of user activity Friendster else if you see your account. Instead Friendster introduced the "Who's Viewed Me" in the month of September 2005 giving information who sees your Friendster profile and worse still this feature is enabled by default. For some people this may be interesting, especially enthusiasts dating sites or dating search sites to know who's visiting and see her profile. But this is clearly a violation of privacy and profile visitors will lead to reluctance to service users known activities. Instead, Facebook is not only the identification of account activity to support the activities of others even if she visited your profile, but it was clearly prohibits this and did not give permission to access the database for this activity, contrary to threaten anyone making applications (apps) monitoring activity monitoring another person's account will be blocked. Many apps that have suffered the fate of being blocked by Facebook, one of which is fancheck
RationaleIn the policy, Facebook is clearly saying that Facebook does not provide functionality to track who sees your profile, timeline or photos. 3rd party applications (apps) will also not be able to provide this function, and if there are apps that claim to perform these activities will be removed from Facebook for violating policy apps Facebook for doing victimization on the user. (See figure 1)

Figure 1, Facebook does not provide functionality to track who sees your profile.

If you are wondering why Facebook does not allow us to know who visited our profiles, but these profiles are belong to us the answer is quite simple, Facebook allows profile owners to determine who can view their profile, if the profile can be seen by the public, friend or himself alone. If you do not want your Facebook profile seen by the public, you can set up the [Custom Privacy] in option [Privacy Settings], and you can determine if your profile can be seen by the [Public], [Friends] [Friends of Friends], [Specific People or Lists] or [Only Me].Conversely, you can not determine when you just visit your friend's profile and did not do a post, like or comment, and without your knowledge you can tell your friends that you make a visit to their profile. If you agree, that means you agree with Facebook, if you do not agree with this, maybe you can consider using Friendster that allows this.
Apps fraudstersFrom the beginning of the popularity of Facebook, many emerging applications and can claim to do this. Since 2009 it has been a proliferation of applications and although many are disabled by Facebook, but it's always popping replacement applications and to this day a similar trick apps still appear with additional new tricks.One example that appeared earlier hoax aimed at making FB group with members as much as possible, and in its heyday was the FB group members can gain up to millions (see figure 2)

Figure 2, Trickery stalking apps that are found in the year 2009

Broken grow, lost change. Like the saying goes that these applications whenever blocked by Facebook it will metamorphose and look for names and other techniques to defraud victims. According Vaksincom watchlist until August 2012 stalking program is still very prevalent and casualties were not kidding. Facebook user to millions of victims of stalking this fake application. Everything was interested to know who saw her profile, no apps that only deception and hunt "like" without giving apps in question. (See figure 3)

Figure 3, Pages angler fans "How to know who often see our profile" which hunt "like" Facebook.

But there are more sophisticated apps that dare give anyone information your Facebook contacts who viewed your profile. But of course, the information provided is false information, even if it is taken from your contacts. And of course, these apps violate Facebook, but great fake apps are able to capture millions of victims and remain active until the time this article was created.
The first is "Who visited your profile" and "My Top Fans". In addition to displaying contacts from your Facebook friends are forged as if it is true they made visits to your profile and detected by these apps, "My Top Fans" even has its own website located at . coms in Canada through the list of registrants Go Daddy.The greatness of the second of the "My Top Fans" is the grip seems to have reached Indonesia and the techniques used are introduced via the Facebook Pages with the name "NEW VERSION!!! HOW TO FIND OUT WHO WE SEE THE FACEBOOK "aimed at getting" like "as much as possible and it seems quite successful because it managed to get the page" like "as many as 870,000. (See figure 4)

Figure 4, Page local stalking new harness the popularity of "My Top Fans"

Apps page "My Top Fans" like himself to get as many as 2.4 million "likes", beat FB Page Agnes Monica is "only" get 2.3 million like. (See figure 5)
Figure 5, false stalking Apps My Top Fans are getting like 2.4 million

Why "My Top Fans" can prevail getting like 2.4 million? The reason is the cleverness to provide information as if it was right apps it actually can detect anyone who sees your profile, but they played very smart and does not display Who's Viewing Your Profile, but "your TOP fans" so it is not legally violate Facebook. (See figure 6)

Figure 6, the misleading information presented by My Top Fans

Advantages StalkingSo what motivated this stalking apps maker? Of course, to make the Facebook apps coupled with websites like My Top Fans costs and without a good economic model, this practice will disappear sooner or later. But these apps stamina can metamorphose from 2009 to date indicate that there is a good business model and is able to maintain this fake apps to keep changing every time the lid by Facebook. One of the financial benefits generated by the fake apps are advertising profits as shown in figure 7 below which apps users will be asked to fill out a survey on

Figure 7, Making fake apps benefit financially from the surveys and advertisements that are accessed by the victim.

If you are already a victim of this application Stalking, Vaksincom encourage you to immediately remove these applications from your Apps from [Apps Settings].

Source :, September 28, 2012.

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