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5 Most Respected HACKER All Time !

Here's 5 Most Respected Hackers of All Time . Many may wonder of the many hackers or crackers who were scattered over the online world about hackers who wrote the most respected , the following 5 most respected hackers of all time because of his actions rummaging through the virtual world :

1 . Kevin Mitnick

This is the living legend that is now really solid in the world of hacking , the following achievements Kevin Mitnick hacking world :

  1. Using the Los Angeles bus transfer system for getting a ride gatis
  2. FBI trick
  3. Hacking into DEC system ( Digital Equipment Corporation )
  4. Get administrator positon in the IBM computer let me win at gambling
  5. Hacking Motorola , NEC , Nokia , Sun Microsystems and Fujitsu Siemens systems
A white hat hacker Tsutomu Shimomura was ternamapun enough ( he is also an expert and a top 5 white hat hackers ) have hacked the computer systems in place , and there was a tremendous war . He tracked down and arrested by the FBI with the help of the track Tsutomu Shimomura (tracking ) through HP network Mitnick carried by the current . But now he has repent and become an author , security consultant , and speaker .

2 . Jonathan James

James is an American , as a new epidemic age 16 he was sent to prison because of his behavior in cyberspace . U.S. Department of Defense website hacked by him and he just said it was a challenge for him and is a pleasure . NASA also affected her fad , James stole the NASA software that is estimated to cost $ 1.7 million dollars . So NASA was forced to shut down the server and the system . Because of his behavior , he should not touch a computer for 10 years . But now he's on the right path and make a company in the field of computer security .

3 . Adrian Lamo

He broke into the New York Times to get personal information and some security number and break into Microsoft . He was eventually fined $ 65,000 U.S. dollars . Currently he is a speaker at a seminar .

4 . Kevin Poulsen

Also known as Dark Dante . He hacked the FBI database . Besides that he also hacked the phone lines around the station because he hack Indeed proficiency through phone lines . Currently he is the senior editor at Wired News , and managed to capture 744 offers sex via Myspace profiles .

5 . Robert Tappan Morris

He came from his computer calling hannover Germany **** UP ( First Universal Cybernetic - Kinetic Ultra - Micro Programmer ) . He did hack some success in the period 1985-1988 . He was also a cocaine addict . He managed to break into several U.S. military systems and hack into a U.S. nuclear power plant at the time of the cold war and the results hackingnya sold to the KGB ( Soviet Secret Agent ) . He was found dead in 1988 , according to the info he burned his own body , but who knows this is a high-level conspiracy between the U.S. and the Soviets in the Cold War .

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Surviving in the Cyber War !

Two elephants fight , coney die in the middle . That fate will likely be experienced by Internet users if stuck in combat malware attacks between the countries in conflict .

At first , malware authors are students / youth who search for identity and mostly making malware to show the existence of self and became famous for being able to make malware . In the 2000s morphed malware makers became more organized and the result is a malware became more sophisticated because it is done by a group of people with the primary purpose of financial gain . This is evident from the proliferation of spyware , adware , rogue antivirus ( fake antivirus ) and in certain countries circulated ransomware that the data hostage / victim computer systems with demands to send money to restore the encrypted data . Antivirus industry in the face of recent threats can actually be said to get a balanced opponent for malware authors have organized against antivirus firms are also organized . If the malware makers in the 1990s can be said to be a featherweight boxer , then the antivirus companies can be thought of as a welterweight boxer and obviously corporate antivirus malware makers are not worried about the individual . But the makers facing spyware, antivirus and ransomware rogue antivirus companies get a balanced opponent and seems the battle will take long because each is in the same class and have high stamina . Antivirus products supported by income from selling antivirus and malware makers / fake antivirus get money from criminal activities and accomplishments to date remains. If you think this is the end of the story , you are wrong . Precisely this is the beginning of a new story in which the emergence of malware heavyweight if even the best antivirus companies today can not be compared with some of the elite new malware detected in 2010 despite running the action years earlier . Why is categorized as malware malware heavyweight ? Is antivirus companies detect trouble ? Who is behind all this ?

In mid- 2010, PT . Vaksincom facing a strange case in Indonesia where many computers are suddenly getting low disk space message due to the size of the hard drive to swell ( see figure 1 )

Figure 1 , the low disk space message which proved to be a side effect of Stuxnet

At first PT . Vaksincom think it is a new malware variant and it had detected with Winsta name . However , apparently not realizing it is the beginning of cyber war with the circulation of malware heavyweight who later identified by antivirus companies as Stuxnet . Stuxnet malware is not out of love or student-made Russian criminal enterprises who want to earn money from computer users . But Stuxnet is malware yangdiduga secretly developed by the United States and Israel are secretly deployed with the main objectives , inhibiting the development of his country 's nuclear program of Iran . Stuxnet exploited four vulnerabilities and is able to spread itself effectively to computers that are not connected to the network though . The technique used is very simple , the use of data exchange via the UFD ( USB Flash Disk ) . Although it looks simple and does not require complicated technology , apparently spread through the UFD was intentional because apparently Stuxnet targeted computers that run SCADA ( Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition ) , tools ( hardware and software ) output Siemens used by Iran in the Iran uranium enrichment process . Stuxnet SCADA administrator cleverly fool by giving false display that all processes are running normally SCADA . Yet in reality SCADA being ordered to do activities that damage the hardware and processes that are running . Stuxnet also runs in user mode and kernel in which he uses certified drivers using a certificate stolen from JMicron and Realtek ( Hsinchu , Taiwan ) , this is one of the main factors that cause why the process was not identified Stuxnet . It also shows that the resources to make this malware does not mess around because they have to have legitimate access to steal the certificate belongs to two leading hardware companies in Taiwan are obviously far away from the target country Iran .

Not only that , after successfully carrying out its mission hinder Iran's nuclear program in 2010 , the Stuxnet attack on Iran are reported back to the power plant and a target Iran's oil industry or exactly two years later in December 2012. Motivation attack this time is expected to disrupt Iran's economy is 80 % dependent upon oil income . Back it was a severe blow to the antivirus industry that failed to detect the action of Stuxnet in 2010 . How the obvious malware detected by antivirus program and successfully carry out the action by storm back in 2010 successfully infect and run the action 2 years later in the same country ?

If in a conventional war , a battle takes place in the Middle East that are geographically very far from Indonesia is certainly the direct impact of this war will be less pronounced. Moreover, Stuxnet malware used are categorized as targeted malware attack that targets only certain in this case is the fact SCADA users of oil and gas exploration companies and SCADA administrators around the world had been very careful to Stuxnet attack . But in reality , it is not only troublesome Stuxnet SCADA administrator only and Indonesia, which happens to be the number 2 most countries in infections by Stuxnet after Iran getting the side effects of the rampant spread of Stuxnet computer where the majority of victims will experience low disk space due process Stuxnet ( Winsta ) who inflate themselves ( see figure 2 ) . This is expected because of the widespread use of USB Flash Disk in Indonesia which was used as the primary means of Stuxnet to spread itself to a standalone SCADA computers or separate from the network / network .

Figure 2 , Indonesia ranks second after Iran Stuxnet infection

According to Vaksincom , when the spread of Stuxnet occurred in July 2010 http://vaksin.com/2010/0710/Stuxnet % 20winsta 20winsta % % % 20virus/Stuxnet 20virus.htm , there is an interesting phenomenon that struck the Indonesian computer users where suddenly a lot of good computer Windows Vista and Windows 7 ( which had heralded as normally would be safer from malware attacks because of the additional protection UAC ( User Access Control ) ) are experiencing strange symptoms that suddenly ballooned and a hard drive full / low disk space ( see figure 1 ) , print sharing sudden death , crashes on many internal applications because dll corrupt , breaking network connections and ultimately make a computer that turns its victims to hang all of which are side effects of Stuxnet . Apparently unwitting internet world has entered the era of the cyber war that was then followed by other malware discoveries are more surprising as Duqu , Flame , Shamoon who allegedly was behind the attack Iran and claimed tens of thousands of computer oil company of Saudi Arabia ( Aramco ) and Qatar ( RasGas ) in mid- January 2013 and re- emerged a heavyweight malware spying embassies around the world and known as Rocra or Red October .

Seeing how far above its weight class malware generated from countries attacked each other , we certainly do not want to be a coney dead in the middle . His name is also coney certainly be smart and get out when two elephants fight . But how to be an astute internet users and minimize losses from malware attacks this weight class ?

Duqu, Stuxnet predecessor spy 

Middle east can be said to be the most volatile regions in the world and sometimes conflicts arising between the middle eastern countries carry over to the rest of the world . Of war in the Sinai to the Suez Canal crisis , from Black September at the Munich attack which resulted in the deaths of 11 Israeli Olympic team , which is then returned by the Mossad to kill those responsible for the incident which is believed to Black September. Actions by Mossad despite providing surprising results , but the risk is very high for a secret agent and the teams involved and the resources needed , costs and extraordinary effort to have as good as Mossad network . Moreover, with the arrest of Mossad spies lot more difficult to develop its network and its enemies increasingly vigilant against infiltration by Mossad spy network that is owned by the state even though only a small but not lost its luster with the secret services of the state such as the CIA , KGB or MI6 . But apparently it is already a thing of the past and of spying is still being done , but with the support of more advanced technology . In terms of strategic and efficiency , the use of technology is a very logical choice . If we can get what we want without the need to fight and sacrifice soldiers or spies us on the battlefield , why spend resources and energy as sending spies that are clearly at high risk if caught . That's why it seems the secret service secretly began using digital spies to gather information on the activities of his country and even in some cases digital spy malware shaped supposing it functioned as a combat soldier who provide direct hit on activities that will lead to harm large in his country . Although compared to activities involving direct spies less risky , but the destructive power of this digital spy no less deadly than minus 007 action just a beautiful woman with a much lower risk . It is also evident from the development of the technology battle with the predator aircraft have a much higher capacity than conventional aircraft -controlled pilot being able to detect and attack targets with cost and risk is much lower because it does not involve human pilots who have limitations compared to machines .

Stuxnet action to slow Iran's nuclear program an example of a digital spy activity most successful , of course, the state would deny victims . If Stuxnet was launched to slow down Iran's nuclear program , the question naturally arises of where the collection of data on these activities ? Stuxnet may not be able to carry out the action so directed without accurate data . Duqu malware is apparently a precursor to Stuxnet carry out the action to collect the data for the target computers analyzed , then based on the data obtained from Duqu , Stuxnet was launched to carry out the action menghambatprogram to disrupt Iran 's nuclear centrifuges player controlled by SCADA .

How does the process of transmitting data Duqu is very interesting to observe . If you think that would Duqu infects computers secretly victim then sends the data acquired to the command center . You 've been in the right direction . But interesting to our study is the technique Duqu collects data and sends it to the command center .

Duqu makers apparently utilizing CentOS ( one variant of Linux that is very popular and had overcome the popularity of Ubuntu ) to a central server command and immediately remove traces of Duqu announced the time of publication . From the analysis of these servers apparently all servers running CentOS servers where some are even already owned since 2009 or 2 years before it is detected Duqu . Even found a surprising fact that the techniques they use zero day exploits in OpenSSH 4.3 for the master servers . Once the server command center using CentOS OS is ready , it is of course necessary targets to be stolen computer data and one of the most logical way is to use a Trojan horse program . But how to embed this trojan programs and evade detection antivirus program because it will almost certainly want to attack the target computer is definitely at least been protected with updated antivirus program . Therefore, the most effective method to bypass antivirus detection is to exploit software vulnerabilities , where the computers that contain malware security loopholes have not been closed will be able to bypass antivirus detection and carry out his evil actions . But in the computer that performs the automatic update timeframe is very thin and Duqu makers should choose a program that exploits vulnerabilities popular ( used by many people ) and use zero days exploits , where the security holes are patched before he had had an attack . Option was dropped in Microsoft Word vulnerability CVE - 2011-3402 vulnerability in the process where there is a TrueType font that Windows process with a specially designed font that will be able to exploit the vulnerability and provide access to run code in kernel mode program like creating a new user account with rights full access . This would support the action of the Duqu secretly would run espionage collect data from the victim computer .
Then , how Duqu sends its data ? Whether to upload the data to the database server and then downloaded and analyzed by the command center ? You are 70 % correct , and it seems to also have taken into account the manufacturer Duqu because if you become an administrator overseeing ISP and data traffic where Duqu carry out the action , you likely will not be able to guess if the activity data that passes in front of your eyes is the activity of Duqu . Why ? ? Because Duqu is not allowed to upload data in conventional database that will surely arouse suspicion . The tricks performed by Duqu is sending encrypted data as a JPEG file with a size of 54 X 54 pixels . Thus , the data transmitted in addition disguised as a JPEG file and then protected with encryption and then combined by computer command center .

Duqu is the most important component called infostealer designed in such a way so as not to leave a trace file on the hard drive of the victim or temporary files on the computer and download this module and stored in temporary memory and executed by injection technique similar to that used by Stuxnet to avoid stored temporary files on the hard drive . But it also means that the process of data theft Duqu has a limited period , until the moment the computer to reboot . Therefore, each Duqu infection independently run remotely via computer command center and not spread itself automatically like Stuxnet . In addition , in order to ensure the trail is not easily detected , every 36 days Duqu deletes itself and eliminate all traces of activity on the victim computer .

Dexter Regular

Author Duqu is also not to be outdone in eliciting quirky uniqueness as Stuxnet that send email from Jason B ( Jason Bourne ) . Exploit security holes in MS Word , he made a new font with the name Dexter Showtime Regular artificial Inc. , 2003. Dexter Regular program actually is a pretty popular TV series broadcast by Showtime Cable Inc .

Duqu was first detected in mid- April 2011 , but since the publication of his existence he removes himself suddenly in mid- October 2011 . Although Duqu was eliminating his footsteps and we do not know when he will carry out the action again , if you want to make sure your computer is not infected by Duqu you can use tools issued by the Duqu Detector Crysys and can be downloaded at http://www.crysys.hu/ duqudetector.html . For the record , in September 2011, two months before the existence of Duqu was announced , Norman Sandbox technology has been able to detect the presence of the Duqu malware Generic name . The actions are alleged as Stuxnet Duqu lite version can be seen in the diagram on the call Duqu drivers figure 1 below.

Figure 1 , Call Diagram Duqu drivers

Survive in the age of digital warfare.

In the case of Stuxnet and Duqu appears that Iran was subjected to malware attacks that allegedly controlled by the his country . In military power , the United States supports Israel in its confrontation with Iran is still counted as the most powerful country in the world [ and able to enforce desires coup ] . However , in cyber warfare there is no guarantee that the most powerful country definitely won the war [ against the state despite the unstable economy ] . In World War II in Africa alone , Erwin Rommel ( Germany ) with limited resources but have a good strategy to offset the war and defeated the confederates [ anticipate intelligence ] in many wars battle tanks in Africa . Especially in the digital war where national borders become lost and very difficult to differentiate between friend and where the opponent which is still a lot of countries / organizations that are strong enough in the digital capabilities such as Russia and China that could compensate for Israel and the United States , not to mention groups independent as anonymous hacker who has power should not be underestimated [ and misses appreciation ] . This is evident from the expected counter-attack by Iran or its sympathizers with the release of malware Shamoon . And this time the victim is a gulf which incidentally is an ally of the United States where at least 30,000 computers Aramco ( Saudi Arabia ) and RasGas ( Qatar ) Shamoon victims and in [ coup desire ] aka wipe clean as is done by including removing wiper MBR ( Mother Boor Record ) which will instantly paralyze the victim computer . From the analysis of the action later , Shamoon visible connection with Cutting Sword of Justice ( Anonymous) where Shamoon will check the stop time ( time to stop the action ) on a post made ​​by anonymous on Pastebin . Of cases of Stuxnet , Duqu and Shamoon can be concluded that in the digital wars between countries , the most in the drill is related to the government's strategic sectors such as energy ( oil and gas ) , electricity , defense and intelligence departments [ this is not a conspiracy theory prosperity ] . Excluding government agencies , large corporate circles also potentially get a direct attack especially if the corporate has a close relationship with strategic sectors mentioned above as the contractor related to national defense or critical sectors . Surely the parties mentioned above are already aware of this and try to anticipate the possibility of an attack [ coup desire ] , but what about the small corporate and home computer users , it is safe from attack this digital war ? Of Stuxnet experience in Indonesia where many computers are acting strangely and suddenly the hard drive [ having controversy heart ] which seems to be full of a side effect of the Stuxnet threat of war seem that digital is not indiscriminate and anyone can be a victim of digital warfare . So what can we do to minimize the loss of this digital war .

The first thing you want to inform Vaksincom is no way we can guarantee 100 % safe from attack , so that no claim can guarantee you 100 % safe from malware attacks , especially Stuxnet malware is a production class organization with unlimited funds and resources whose class greater than any antivirus companies . Vaksincom recommend that you do not easily believe it and forget it because there is evidence that shows that the malware is able to perform an action for years without being able to be detected by any antivirus in the world and when it was discovered immediately removes his footsteps . If you believe , you will enter into a false sense of security and regret [ controversy heart ] when it was too late and important data or your computer system is protected already become victims . This is not to discourage [ create fear desire ] you but it is true that you must first realize and become one of the foundation was to prepare the defense . 

The few things that you can do to strengthen your system of  attack are :
  1. Perform a variety of security protection and do not depend on a single vendor / brand alone . Security protection from a single vendor will be more vulnerable to attack than the protection of many vendors . Antivirus defense with more than one antivirus engine proved more reliable than the defense with one engine . The authors do not suggest you use some antivirus program in the computer because it will cause instability and system hangs but if any antivirus programs that use more than one antivirus engine without disturbing the system or cause the hang , it is an option worth checking out . For the protection of the whole network system , using multiple antivirus engines [ harmonization engine ] to protect your system as a whole also provides a clear advantage compared to using only one antivirus engine [ anticipate intelligence ] . For example if you are using a search program to protect computer systems and networks , use antivirus engine to protect your mail server B and C use antivirus engine to protect the gateway . Joint protection will provide better defense than you use only one antivirus engine for all lines.
  2.  Make sure patch management runs well on systems that you manage . Special attention should be given on a computer that serves the public interest and can be accessed through the firewall such as HTTP , FTP , mail , and DNS services . One of the reasons why we can not be protected 100 % safe from attack is because computers and applications that we use are all man-made filled with [ controversy heart ] . And computer / application that no one is perfect and every day always found the security hole [ controversy heart ] new that could be exploited to infect the system . The only way that the best we can do is make sure that the security hole was always awake and patching process runs automatically / regularly . Always make sure all systems are used by all computers updated . Almost all malware that spreads through network belongs to the class of worms and the main techniques used by the worm during this is to exploit computer application vulnerabilities , whether it is the operating system or applications that are popularly used all have security gaps . By doing regular patch has reduced the risk of worm infection is very significant because the worm to infect primary weapon system [ anticipate intelligence ] is to exploit security holes . You need to know , even if your system is protected with updated antivirus programs and can detect the worm attack , but if there are vulnerabilities that have not been closed and happened to be exploited by the worm [ coup desire ] , then the antivirus program you will not be able to prevent infection by the worm [ unstable economy ] though its definition has been able to recognize the worm. In terms of operating system proprietary and non proprietary , according to the opinion of the writer basically because the risk is not too different from that determine the security of a system not made ​​by anyone but maintained by anyone .
  3.  For large networks , consider doing protection with intrusion prevention with powerful firewall and monitored . If necessary, use additional monitoring software gateway that does not burden the system such as the Norman Network Protector is a transparent proxy and can protect traffic in and out of the malware without slowing the system or change the client proxy settings .
  4. Crucial for the exchange of data between offices or remote administration using public network ( Internet ) has become imperative to secure your traffic using a VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) in order to maintain security of the data you send from eavesdroppers and maintain the security system of access is not desirable . Always remember to change the default setting of our tool with the outside world , such as routers .
  5.  Consider whitelisting method for securing access . Where the approach taken with the reverse blacklist . In whitelisting , all access to the system will be rejected unless of address / IP - IP specified / whitelist only.
  6.  Growing awareness of computing both on the user and apply the policy consistently control , [ avoid controversy heart ] . An example is the application of control that may be downloaded and executed by a computer inside your network . Tight control on the UFD ( USB Flash Disk ) is the de facto today remains one of the primary means for distributing malware in Indonesia and is used by network security Stuxnet to penetrate and reach the computer running SCADA that is not connected to the network . In general , corporate antivirus program already included for free [ unstable economy ] and the drive control applications can be done centrally and monitored either by an administrator logs in order to find out who tried to foul to get the warning and change the bad habits [ or will make the situation experiencing prosperity ] .
  7.  Familiarize yourself with passwords to secure password manager , and if you want to do a fairly conservative approach , avoid typing a password in order to avoid the risk of a keylogger that can cause [ controversy heart ] . With password protection and use a combination of both good and make it a habit to not use the same password for multiple accounts . Use password creator that uses a combination of letters , numbers , punctuation marks to create a password . Password Manager programs like KeePass Password Safe www.keepass.info which can be obtained free of charge providing all these facilities , either copy and paste the password , making the combination of a good password and storing all your passwords in one encrypted file properly . To access all the features of this you only need to remember one master password to unlock the password manager and password manager that will perform the task is to remember and protect all passwords you have.
  8.  Last but most important . Perform regular backups on separate media and save with systematically . Please remember to check the results periodically backup all backups to ensure that you are doing is correct and can be used in the event of an incident / disaster .

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Know the Leopard 2 MBT, The Leopard Guard Mainland Indonesia.

The Leopard 2 is a main battle tank (main battle tank MBT), developed by the German Krauss-Maffei in the early 1970s and began to be used in 1979. Leopard 2 replace Leopard 1 as the main battle tank of the German Army.
Leopard 2 adalah tank tempur utama (main battle tank, MBT) Jerman yang dikembangkan oleh Krauss-Maffei pada awal 1970-an dan mulai digunakan pada 1979. Leopard 2 menggantikan Leopard 1 sebagai tank tempur utama Angkatan Darat Jerman. 

German-made Leopard 1 tanks were first used in 1956. Tank is also a main battle tank (main battle tank) in several countries in the world. Leopard 1 as the main battle tank of the German Army. Leopard 2 tanks developed since 1970 and first launched in 1979 to replace. Leopard is also used in twelve other European countries, and those countries with a non-European. The Leopard 2 is, undoubtedly, is one of the most successful tanks of the last generation MBT, and more than 3,200 units have been produced.
Tank Leopard 1 buatan Jerman pertama kali digunakan pada tahun 1956. Tank ini juga menjadi tank tempur utama (main battle tank) di beberapa negara di dunia. Leopard 1 sebagai tank tempur utama Angkatan Darat Jerman. Tank Leopard 2 dikembangkan sejak tahun 1970 dan diluncurkan pertama pada tahun 1979 untuk menggantikan. Leopard juga digunakan di dua belas negara Eropa lainnya, serta negara-negara non-Eropa. Leopard 2, tak diragukan lagi, adalah salah satu tank tersukses dari generasi terakhir MBT, dan lebih dari 3.200 unit telah diproduksi.

Indonesia, the country with the largest economy in Southeast Asia, it has previously indicated it would buy 130 Leopard tanks from Rheinmettal AG as part of the military defense equipment modernization program worth 15 billion dollars for five years (2010-2014) Merkel during a visit to Indonesia in 2012. Initial estimate of the value at the time was 280 million dollars to 130 tanks.
Indonesia, negara dengan ekonomi terbesar di Asia Tenggara, sebelumnya memang telah mengindikasikan akan membeli 130 tank Leopard dari Rheinmettal AG sebagai bagian dari program modernisasi alutsista TNI senilai 15 miliar dolar untuk lima tahun (2010-2014) saat kunjungan Merkel ke Indonesia pada 2012 lalu. Nilai perkiraan awal pada saat itu adalah 280 juta dolar untuk 130 tank.

"Leopard is already modified and it will be used for the tropics. Hence the name Leopard adjusted RI because it can be used in tropical areas, "he said on Tuesday (21/5).  Leopard tanks from Germany will come. The tank has been modified and will be labeled 'Leopard RI'. Leopard tanks name'''' reminiscent of The Javan Leopard , leopard ie, specific species that exist in Java. In 2008, this species is classified endangered.

“Leopard itu sudah dimodifikasi dan itu akan terpakai untuk daerah tropis. Karena itu namanya Leopard RI karena sudah di adjusted yang bisa dipakai didaerah tropis,” katanya, Selasa (21/5). Tank Leopard dari Jerman akan datang. Tank tersebut sudah dimodifikasi dan nantinya akan berlabel ‘Leopard RI’. Nama tank ''Leopard'' mengingatkan pada The Javan Leopard, yakni macan tutul, spesies khusus yang ada di Pulau Jawa. Pada tahun 2008, spesies ini masuk klasifikasi terancam punah.

At first, the government would only get 44 Leopard Tank. However, he felt quite lucky because the budget 44 new tanks, Indonesia would be able to get around 160 Leopard Tank. "At first, with the same money, we can only count 44 brand new (tank). But with the same money we could get 100 battle tanks play continues we may again about 50 medium battle tank, "he said.
Tadinya, pemerintah hanya akan mendapatkan 44 Tank Leopard. Tetapi, ia merasa cukup beruntung karena dengan anggaran 44 tank baru, Indonesia justru bisa mendapatkan sekitar 160 Tank Leopard. “Tadinya, dengan uang yang sama, kita hitung hanya dapat 44 brand new (tank). Tapi dengan uang yang sama kita bisa mendapatkan 100 main battle tank terus kita dapat lagi sekitar 50 medium battle tank,” katanya.

Package purchase Leopard Tank Indonesia reached 163, consisting of 63 Leopard 2 MBT Revolusion, 40 Leopard 2A4, Unit 10 supporters and 50 Medium Tank Tank Marder 1A3. The amount represents the amount of obstruction is quite fantastic and will make the Indonesian army forces will increase drastically. Indeed, of the 163 is only 103 Tank Leopard 2 MBT, the rest are 10 Tank supporter. The remaining 50 Marder 1A3, is not included in the category of MBT, but it is a Medium Tank.
Paket pembelian Leopard Indonesia mencapai 163 Tank, yang terdiri dari 63 MBT Leopard 2 Revolusion, 40 leopard 2A4, 10 Unit Tank pendukung dan 50 Medium Tank Marder 1A3. Jumlah tersebut merupakan sebah jumlah yang cukup fantastis dan akan membuat kekuatan angkatan darat Indonesia akan meningkat secara drastis. Memang dari 163 Tank tersebut hanya ada 103 MBT Leopard 2, selebihnya adalah 10 Tank pendukung. Sisanya 50 Marder 1A3, bukan termasuk dalam kategori MBT, tetapi merupakan Medium Tank. 
  • Leopard 2A4

INDONESIA BUY 40 UNITS OF THIS TANK. families Leopard 2A4 MBT Leopard is the most digunakaan today. Leopard 2A4 is a development of the Leopard 2A3, where a lot of substantial changes in this series. An example is the automated fire and explosion suppression system that is all-digital could fire a variety of ammunition types most accurately and is also equipped with armor perlingungan much better than previous models.
INDONESIA MEMBELI 40 UNIT TANK JENIS INI. Leopard 2A4 adalah keluarga MBT Leopard yang paling banyak digunakaan saat ini. Leopard 2A4 ini merupakan pengembangan dari Leopard 2A3, dimana banyak sekali perubahan substansial dalam seri ini. Contohnya adalah automated fire and explosion suppression system yang sudah serba digital yang bisa menembakkan berbagai type amunisi terbaru secara akurat dan juga dilengkapi dengan armor perlingungan yang jauh lebih baik dari model sebelumnya.

The Leopard 2 is built in 8 batches between 1985 and 1992. And all previous versions are also upgraded to 2A4 standard. Until the year 1994, operates about 2,125 German MBT Leopard 2A4 (2A4 695 is new, the rest is an upgraded version of the old). Leopard 2A4 also in production license to the Swiss who finally called the Pz 87. Switzerland currently operates approximately 380 MBT PZ 87.
Leopard 2 ini di bangun dalam 8 batch antara tahun 1985 sampai 1992. Dan semua versi sebelumnya juga diupgrade menjadi standard 2A4. Sampai dengan tahun 1994, Jerman mengoperasikan sekitar 2.125 MBT Leopard 2A4 (695 adalah 2A4 baru, sisanya merupakan upgrade versi lama). Leopard 2A4 juga di produksi secara lisensi kepada Swiss yang akhirnya disebut dengan Pz 87. Saat ini Swiss mengoperasikan sekitar 380 MBT PZ 87.

After the end of the cold war era, Germany sense that they no longer need the MBT in large numbers. To that end, Germany ended up selling most of the Leopard 2A4 MBT them to other countries. MBT over Germany was eventually bought by Austria (114), Canada (107), Chile (140), Denmark (51), Finland (139), Greece (183), Norway (52), Poland (128), Portugal ( 37), Singapore (96), Spain (108), Sweden (160) and Turkey (339). If Indonesia really bought this leopard tank MBT, Indonesia is a country that buys surplus umpteenth German MBT's. Following on the back of Indonesia possibility is the Philippines are interested in buying about 30 Leopard 2A4 MBT German surplus.
Setelah berakhirnya era perang dingin, Jerman merasakan bahwa mereka tidak lagi memerlukan MBT dalam jumlah yang banyak. Untuk itu, Jerman akhirnya menjual sebagian besar MBT Leopard 2A4 mereka ke negara lain. MBT lebih dari Jerman tersebut akhirnya dibeli oleh Austria (114), Kanada (107), Chile (140), Denmark (51), Finlandia (139), Yunani (183), Norwegia (52), Polandia (128), Portugal (37), Singapura (96), Spanyol (108), Swedia (160) dan Turki (339). Jika Indonesia benar-benar membeli tank MBT leopard ini, maka Indonesia adalah negara kesekian yang membeli surplus MBT Jerman ini. Menyusul di belakan Indonesia kemungkinan adalah Filipina yang juga tertarik membeli sekitar 30 MBT Leopard 2A4 surplus Jerman.

It was clear that 40 Leopard 2A4 MBT MBT is not a new, but used German military. However, that does not mean junk Used MBT, MBT is true is because one of the best MBT in the world. Germany sold not because MBT is not good anymore, but because Germany has a surplus of MBT are very much the rest of the cold war era ago. Now they have to sell it to reduce maintenance costs as well as get fresh money from sales to other countries.
Jelas sekali bahwa 40 MBT Leopard 2A4 ini bukan merupakan MBT baru, namun bekas pakai militer Jerman. Namun, MBT Bekas bukan berarti rongsokan, karena MBT ini sejatinya adalah salah satu MBT terbaik di dunia. Jerman menjualnya bukan karena MBT ini sudah tidak bagus lagi, namun karena Jerman memiliki surplus MBT yang sangat banyak sisa dari era Perang dingin dahulu. Sekarang mereka harus menjualnya untuk mengurangi biaya maintenance serta mendapatkan uang segar dari penjualannya ke negera lain.

  • Leopard 2 Revolution

INDONESIA BUY 63 UNITS OF THIS TANK.  Leopard 2 Revolution is the Leopard 2A4 upgraded in many ways. Leopard 2 Revolution is better than Leopard 2A4 dalamurban warfare. MBT has improved the performance of this type of protection that comes with the new composite armor package Advanced Modular Armor Protection (AMAP). This new armor provides a level of protection far higher than the enemy's attack. Leopard 2 Revolution is equipped with modular armor, which means that the damage to the armor modules can be overcome by replacing the damaged armor alone. In addition to the MBT is fitted with a grenade launcher as a form of self defense.
INDONESIA MEMBELI 63 UNIT TANK JENIS INI. Leopard 2 Revolution ini adalah Leopard 2A4 yang di upgrade dalam banyak hal. Leopard 2 Revolution ini lebih baik dari Leopard 2A4 dalamurban warfare. MBT jenis ini sudah ditingkatkan performa proteksinya yang dilengkapi dengan paket armor komposit baru yaitu Advanced Modular Armor Protection (AMAP). Armor baru ini memberikan tingkat perlindungan yang jauh lebih tinggi dari serangan musuh. Leopard 2 Revolution ini dilengkapi dengan modular armor, yang berarti bahwa kerusakan pada satu modul armor dapat diatasi dengan mengganti armor yang rusak itu saja. Selain itu MBT ini dilengkapi dengan pelontar granat sebagai bentuk pertahanan diri.

If Indonesia really buy Leopard 2 Revolution this, Indonesia will be the second country in ASEAN that operate this type of leopard. Previously Singapore also already operates 96 Leopard 2A4 were upgraded to leopard 2 Revolution, which eventually called the Leopard 2SG. Compared with the Leopard 2A4 standard that weighs 56.6 tons, the Leopard 2 Revolution has a weight of about 60 tons.
Jika Indonesia benar-benar membeli Leopard 2 Revolution ini, maka Indonesia akan menjadi negara kedua di ASEAN yang mengoperasikan leopard jenis ini. Sebelumnya Singapura juga sudah mengoperasikan 96 Leopard 2A4 yang di upgrade menjadi leopard 2 Revolution, yang akhirnya disebut dengan Leopard 2SG. Dibandingkan dengan Leopard 2A4 standard yang memiliki bobot 56.6 Ton, maka Leopard 2 Revolution ini memiliki bobot sekitar 60 ton.

  • Tank Pendukung Leopard 2 AVLB (Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge)

Leopard 2 Revolution

Leopard 2 Revolution

INDONESIA BUY 10 UNITS OF THIS TANK.  Perhaps many people who still do not understand why there should be a Tank Leopard 2 tanks supporting this. As we know that MBT is a very heavy vehicle, thus requiring support to be able to move freely in various battlefield. An example is the battlefield that is passed in the form of rivers where there is only a small bridge that does not allow to pass Leopard weighing up to 60 tons. Or if there are events Leopard tanks mired into a hole or something that must be raised by another vehicle. Sure to lift the tank weighing 60 tons in need of a machine that has the extra power to it. Here was this support perluanya tank.
INDONESIA MEMBELI 10 UNIT TANK JENIS INI. Mungkin banyak pihak yang masih belum memahami kenapa harus ada tank pendukung Tank Leopard 2 ini. Seperti kita ketahui bersama bahwa MBT adalah kendaraan yang sangat berat, sehingga membutuhkan support agar bisa bergerak leluasa di berbagai medan tempur. Sebagai contoh adalah medan tempur yang dilalui adalah berupa sungai-sungai dimana hanya terdapat jembatan kecil yang tidak memungkinkan untuk dilalui Leopard yang beratnya mencapai 60 Ton. Atau jika ada kejadian tank Leopard ini terperosok kedalam lubang atau apalah sehingga harus diangkat oleh kendaraan lain. Tentu untuk mengangkat Tank seberat 60 ton di perlukan mesin yang memiliki tenaga extra untuk itu. Disini lah perluanya tank pendukung ini.

To overcome the limitations of the bridge has been developed variant for Leopard Leopard version avlb (Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge) which serves to provide a portable bridge with a length of about 15-30 meters. This variant Leopard 2 is a true leopard 2 which Hull for his gun replaced with a portable bridge. With the existence of this variant as a supporting tank leopard, the criticism has been that Leopard will not be beropareasi in Indonesian bridge is wrong. Because it can be overcome with the Leopard tanks supporting this.
Untuk mengatasi keterbatasan jembatan untuk Leopard telah dikembangkan varian Leopard versi AVLB (Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge) yang berfungsi untuk menyediakan jembatan portable dengan panjang sekitar 15-30 meter. Varian Leopard 2 ini sejatinya adalah leopard 2 yang mana Hull untuk senjatanya diganti dengan jembatan portable. Dengan adanya varian ini sebagai tank pendukung leopard, maka kritikan selama ini bahwa Leopard tidak akan bisa beropareasi di jembatan Indonesia adalah salah. Karena itu bisa diatasi dengan adanya tank pendukung Leopard ini.

Look at the picture below, which is a bridge that carried out the installation process by supporting Leopard 2 tanks.
Perhatikan gambar di bawah ini, yang merupakan proses pemasangan jembatan yang dilakukan oleh tank pendukung Leopard 2.

Leopard 2 Revolution

While to deal with the heavy lifting, can be done with 2 leopard variant called the Buffel. Buffel 2 leopard variant is indeed devoted to handle cases like this.
Sedangkan untuk menangani masalah angkat berat, dapat dilakukan dengan varian leopard 2 yang disebut dengan Buffel. Buffel ini memang varian leopard 2 yang dikhususkan menangani kasus seperti ini.

Leopard 2 Revolution

Leopard 2 Revolution

  • Medium Tank Marder 1A3

Leopard 2 Revolution

INDONESIA BUY 50 UNITS OF THIS TANK.  then that makes the purchase of German Leopard 2 is more impressive is the inclusion of 50 units as part of the package Marder 1A3 leopard to Indonesia. As we know that Indonesia has long wanted to build a Medium Tank ToT own. And it seems the German ToT will be given to Indonesia is ToT to build based Marder 1A3 Medium Tank was purchased. If this is indeed the case then this ToT will provide enormous strategic impact for Indonesia in the future.
INDONESIA MEMBELI 50 UNIT TANK JENIS INI. Selanjutnya yang membuat pembelian Leopard 2 dari Jerman ini semakin berkesan adalah disertakannya 50 unit Marder 1A3 sebagai bagian paket leopard ke Indonesia. Seperti kita ketahui bahwa Indonesia sudah sejak lama menginginkan ToT untuk membangun Medium Tank sendiri. Dan agaknya ToT yang akan diberikan Jerman ke Indonesia adalah ToT untuk membangun Medium Tank berbasis Marder 1A3 yang dibeli ini. Jika hal ini memang benar terjadi maka ini ToT ini akan memberikan dampak strategis yang sangat besar bagi Indonesia di masa yang akan datang.

ToT medium tank will greatly help PINDAD that had seemed very keen to develop its own Medium Tank. ToT Marder 1A3 is a kesematan gold for Indonesia foot toward independence gate defense equipment in the future.
ToT medium tank ini akan sangat membantu Pindad yang selama ini sepertinya sangat getol ingin mengembangkan Medium Tank sendiri. ToT Marder 1A3 ini adalah sebuah kesematan emas untuk melangkahkan kaki Indonesia menuju gerbang kemandirian alutsista di masa yang akan datang.

Leopard 2 tanks will be placed in 8/Tank Cavalry Battalion Unit with panther emblem will be fierce when reinforced with tanks'' Leopard''. Cavalry Battalion (Yonkav) 8 located in Beji, Pasuruan. During this time, a stronghold of defense equipment Yonkav 8 Scorpion and Stormer armored vehicles.
Tank Leopard 2 ini akan ditempatkan di Satuan Batalyon Kavaleri 8/Tank dengan lambangnya macan kumbang akan semakin garang saat diperkuat dengan tank ''Leopard''. Batalyon Kavaleri (Yonkav) 8 berkedudukan di Beji, Pasuruan. Selama ini, Yonkav 8 menjadi markas alutsista kendaraan tempur Scorpion dan Stormer.

Author : Yohanes Gitoyo.
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