Rabu, 25 September 2013

5 Most Respected HACKER All Time !

Here's 5 Most Respected Hackers of All Time . Many may wonder of the many hackers or crackers who were scattered over the online world about hackers who wrote the most respected , the following 5 most respected hackers of all time because of his actions rummaging through the virtual world :

1 . Kevin Mitnick

This is the living legend that is now really solid in the world of hacking , the following achievements Kevin Mitnick hacking world :

  1. Using the Los Angeles bus transfer system for getting a ride gatis
  2. FBI trick
  3. Hacking into DEC system ( Digital Equipment Corporation )
  4. Get administrator positon in the IBM computer let me win at gambling
  5. Hacking Motorola , NEC , Nokia , Sun Microsystems and Fujitsu Siemens systems
A white hat hacker Tsutomu Shimomura was ternamapun enough ( he is also an expert and a top 5 white hat hackers ) have hacked the computer systems in place , and there was a tremendous war . He tracked down and arrested by the FBI with the help of the track Tsutomu Shimomura (tracking ) through HP network Mitnick carried by the current . But now he has repent and become an author , security consultant , and speaker .

2 . Jonathan James

James is an American , as a new epidemic age 16 he was sent to prison because of his behavior in cyberspace . U.S. Department of Defense website hacked by him and he just said it was a challenge for him and is a pleasure . NASA also affected her fad , James stole the NASA software that is estimated to cost $ 1.7 million dollars . So NASA was forced to shut down the server and the system . Because of his behavior , he should not touch a computer for 10 years . But now he's on the right path and make a company in the field of computer security .

3 . Adrian Lamo

He broke into the New York Times to get personal information and some security number and break into Microsoft . He was eventually fined $ 65,000 U.S. dollars . Currently he is a speaker at a seminar .

4 . Kevin Poulsen

Also known as Dark Dante . He hacked the FBI database . Besides that he also hacked the phone lines around the station because he hack Indeed proficiency through phone lines . Currently he is the senior editor at Wired News , and managed to capture 744 offers sex via Myspace profiles .

5 . Robert Tappan Morris

He came from his computer calling hannover Germany **** UP ( First Universal Cybernetic - Kinetic Ultra - Micro Programmer ) . He did hack some success in the period 1985-1988 . He was also a cocaine addict . He managed to break into several U.S. military systems and hack into a U.S. nuclear power plant at the time of the cold war and the results hackingnya sold to the KGB ( Soviet Secret Agent ) . He was found dead in 1988 , according to the info he burned his own body , but who knows this is a high-level conspiracy between the U.S. and the Soviets in the Cold War .

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