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Dangers Play Games On-line Without Antivirus!

The online game players was potentially high exposure to cyber threats. It can happen because of online gamers often disable security applications on the computer, make computer system is not protected at all.

Why online game players decided to turn off security applications?
The answer is quite simple. They do not want to play games that are "heavy" or cause anymore.

According to research conducted by Eset security agencies against 1,000 British gamers, about 30 percent of them admitted to having closed the computer security application before starting to play.

Finally, because there is no more security, half of those who disable security features malware infection and it took more than two days to repair the computer to return to normal.

The question is, what are the biggest threats faced by actual gamers online?
Eset according to a press statement received KompasTekno, Tuesday (04/09/2013), there are four ongoing threats lurking online gamers.

  1. Phishing: Beware of fake gaming sites that spread threats in the online gaming world and some of them use URLs that are superficially similar to the original. If caught, could be infected with malware and computer gamers lose personal data range.
  2. Social networking sites: A lot of fake Facebook accounts created for the needs of committing a crime. The account claims that they are the official game developer. Highly advised not to give any personal data to these websites.
  3. Games that contain malware content and cheating software: Computer games are fake, or the results of a potential crack malware spreaders and spread via the Internet. The players are encouraged to be extra careful with email attachments and USB flash drives.
  4. Malware: Currently malware online gaming is the most widely spread type of Trojan Win32/PSW.OnLineGames used to conduct phishing attacks, and the target is gamers. This type of malware with keylogging and generally appear rootkits act to collect information related to online games and user data.

To prevent these things happening, ESET gives some simple tips.

  1. Use antivirus: Use antivirus software that features Antispyware and Firewall, and always updated in real time.
  2. Password: Always use a password that is not easy to guess and different for each different account.
  3. Type the URL of games to be played. Thus you avoid dangerous links that appear in search engines because one click.
  4. Download the game from the official site or buy the original CD in order to guarantee quality. Do not use cracked game results, as potentially containing malware.
  5. Play with honest, avoid patches to cheat on a game that is usually due to potentially contain malware.

Author: Deliusno
Editor: Reza Wahyudi
Translator : Yohanes Gitoyo.
Sources:, quoted from :, 16 April 2013 01:12:00 AM

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