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Know the Assault Rifle SS2 made ​​Pindad, Indonesia.

SS2, which stands for Assault Rifle 2, is an assault rifle made by PT Pindad that, a second generation of assault rifle Pindad before, SS1.

SS2 claimed to have a more ergonomic design, resistant to high humidity, lighter, and better accuracy. This rifle uses bullets caliber 5:56 x 45 mm NATO standard and has an empty weight of 3.2 kg, as an early variant of SS1 record has an empty weight of 4.01 kg. In 2006, the Army bought 10,000 rifles SS2.

Evolution SS2

Initially available in three basic versions (standard rifle SS2-V1, carbine SS2-V2 and para-sniper SS2-V4) is now also available in subcompact SS2-V5 version, which was introduced in 2008.

By carrying SS2 4 HB V and G2 Pistol Combat Indonesia overall champion of the international military shooting competition AASAM-Australia 2012. Even Indonesia has 5 times the overall winner AASAM, and brought the different variants of the weapon SS2.

Unlike the SS-1 made under license Belgian FN FNC, SS-2 purely designed by technicians Pindad. That is why, a form SS-2 undergo much change.

SS-1 is still using forged steel as the main raw material, making it the lightest weight of 3.75 pounds for a variant of the SS-1V5. While using aluminum, heavy SS-2 to 3.4 pounds. Even the SS2 variant V5, 3.2 Kg lighter again.

SS2 V5 Assaut Riffle by Audryliahepburn

Pisir SS-1 can only be set at the position of 250 meters and 400 meters. Sedangan pisir SS-2 can be adjusted for distance: 100, 200, 300 meters and beyond. It is useful to facilitate petembak shoot the target. Ammunition SS-2 still use the standard NATO caliber 5.56 mm.

SS-2 fitted ball stopper. When a bullet fired out, petembak not need guns cocked back for charging magazines.

Distance range of SS-2 V1 reaches 400-500 meters and is equipped telescope Trijikon or Close Quarter / Tactical CQT. Weapons SS-2 can be mounted: night vision goggles, bayonets, silencers and grenade launcher caliber 40 millimeters. Popornya can be folded, making it easy to be carried by soldiers in the field. SS 2 assault rifles claimed to operate in various fields without worrying bogged down when in use.

SS2 V5 Commando

Since manufactured 2005, Pindad has made several variants, namely: SS-2 V1, V1 SS-2 Heavy Barrel (HB), SS-2 carbine version V2 (750 rounds / min), SS-2 V4 sniper rifle, SS-2 HB V4 and V5 subcompact SS-2. In 2006, the Army bought 10,000 rifles SS2. Weapons SS-2 is only used by the military. While the SS-1 has been used several African and South American countries, the Philippines and Thailand.

Excess SS2 Pindad.

President Yudhoyono and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to SS2 V5

Product Design Staff PT Pindad, Windu Paramarta explain the advantages Pindad weapon, Assault Rifles 2 (SS2), one of which has a resistance in the water.

According Windu, resistance in water that is at SS2 tersrbut take advantage of the state-owned weapons, such as a flexible M16 and AK-47 that has a resistance in every field.

"The weapons we produce using the mechanism of the combination with M16 and AK-47," said Windu told the Tribune at the Indo Defence 2012 exhibition held in Kemayoran, Jakarta, Friday (11/09/2012).

Windu explained, SS2 well in all variants, such as V1, V2, and V5 V4HB adopting accuracy as on the M16 and M4. Moreover, continued Windu, SS2 tailored to its users, the TNI.

"Arguably the quality is also not far away. Dlihat weapon of accuracy with less memudahan users. We make with human ergonomics Indonesia," said Windu.

For durability, said Windu, SS2 modeled as AK-47, which has a flue gas in the body SS2, so do not bother discharge a bullet from the muzzle covered in mud or water.

"So do not make the water or mud stuck. Least the first shot was the bullet to clean the mud into the muzzle," said Windu.

With the advantages of the adoption of the two arms, then SS is a fitting weapon used by the military in Indonesia's tropical climate.

Because of its advantages, the SS2 also sought a number of countries, such as Iraq, Iran, Uganda, Congo, and Saudi Arabia, which is considered a potential market weapon sales Indonesia.

Weapons SS2 V5C Version Kopassus

Pindad SS2 V5A1

Thousands of assault weapons SS2 V5C Kopassus order being produced by PT Pindad. For the initial stage, Kopassus will get 1000 SS2 V5K shoots in the near future. While Brimob book V5A1 SS2 variant.

Military forces have been using SS2 V1 since 2005, but SS2 V5 was first shown in 2008. While the Commando V5 variant SS2 and SS2 V5AI, newly produced in 2012. 

Weapons SS2 V5 appeared to respond to complaints against SS2 weapons V2 and V4 during this time. 

Pindad SS2 V5 Assault Riffle

Let us listen to the recognition of a person who had fired the SS2 V2: 

"Weaknesses: Position pisir rather high and not supported by a good cheekpiece. When shooting is not cheekbones stuck in cheekpiece butt, but more towards the chin making it less comfortable. 

"Barrel is too long, the same as the M16. For the war in the woods might be appropriate, but it can be a hassle for urban warfare movement, although can be folded butt ". 

"Handgrip is shaped tubular. It is better replaced with Picanntiny rail (MIL-STD-1913 rail, STANAG 2324 rail or simply "Tactical Rail). 

Some weapons technology experts judge the distance between the height of the rear sight butt is too big. Rear sight of the buttstock butt is too high, making petembak could / had to lose a good cheek weld to get the sight picture. 

Sight differentialsenjata SS2 is considered one of the laws violated the Basic Rifle Marksmanship, that rifle shooting is determined by: support arm, shooting arm, shoulder, and cheek weld. 

SS2 weapons have recoil greater than SS1. For single shot does not significantly affect accuracy. But if you use rapid fire, the larger recoil will extend the target reacquisition time so the accuracy will decline.

SS2 variant V5

From such a correction comes the SS2 variant V5. V5 SS2 weapon designed by PT Pindad to meet the needs of urban warfare weapons. Size is shorter, lighter, comfortable to wear, resistant to high humidity and more accurately after correcting sustained rate of fire. 

SS2 V5 has a barrel length of 252mm. Compare with SS2 V1 = 460mm, SS2 and SS2 V2 = 403mm-460mm V4. With a shorter barrel, making the SS2 V5 also has the shortest length among all rifle SS2 variants which have an average length of 920 - 990mm. While SS2 V5 only 770mm. 

SS2 V5 has a rifle butt extended, additional Picatinny rail that allows the telescope in and out, more accurate telescope and a front handle that allows the operation of the weapon.

Defence Minister and Army Chief of Staff with SS2 V5A1

SS2-V5 has three models of fire modes: automatic, single shot and the machine. Pindad claimed to have tested various military standard well field water rivers, swamps, and marine and power rubber. 

Here's delish if military forces using weapons production country. The unit can be ordered military units based variant type of weapon they want. Special Forces Commando book V5 SS2 and SS2 Brimob V5AI.

Author : Yohanes Gitoyo

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