Senin, 19 November 2012

Download My PC Defender 2012 Version 6.5 R-31, Anti malware Made in Indonesia !

My PC Defender 2012 Version 6.5 release we set our nation on Memorial Day Indonesia November 10, 2012, but after a series of trials process, there are some things we need to fix, so it appears the release version R1 (R = Revised), R2, and the last R31, which we recently revised Wednesday, November 14, 2012. If the program My PC Defender 2012 Version 6.5, we are so release dated 10 November 2012, the program is our raft November 8, 2012. My PC Defender 2012 R31 Version 6.5 we raft on November 14, 2012, due to the software in which we think are not up to date anymore.

You need to know, before our program My PC Defender 2012 Version 6.4 and earlier always use storage media "4shared", but when there are visitors we mendoenload, they experienced a series of difficulties. The difficulty we have in mind are:1. Must have an account to download 4shared2. The process of downloading time and frequent stops3. The download process can not be helped by the Internet Download Manager.4. Torrent downloaded through the facility is no longer available.

For those of you who are interested in downloading the My PC Defender 2012 Version 6.5 R3 (via Mediafire Cloud Data Storage), Please click the following link. 

mypcdefender2012v5r31.part01 (48 829 MB) 

mypcdefender2012v5r31.part02 (48 829 MB)

mypcdefender2012v5r31.part03 (48 829 MB) 

mypcdefender2012v5r31.part04 (48 829 MB) 

mypcdefender2012v5r31.part05 (48 829 MB) 

mypcdefender2012v5r31.part06 (48 829 MB) 

mypcdefender2012v5r31.part07 (48 829 MB)

mypcdefender2012v5r31.part08 (48 829 MB) 

mypcdefender2012v5r31.part09 (48 829 MB)

mypcdefender2012v5r31.part10 (48 829 MB)

mypcdefender2012v5r31.part11 (48 829 MB) 

mypcdefender2012v5r31.part12 (48 829 MB)

mypcdefender2012v5r31.part13 (48 829 MB)

mypcdefender2012v5r31.part14 (48 829 MB) 

mypcdefender2012v5r31.part15 (48 829 MB) 

mypcdefender2012v5r31.part16 (37 242 MB)

Step by step download My PC Defender 2012 Version 6.5 R-31

To help you get the download process Internet Download Manager, if you do not have please download at the following link:

Once you have finished downloading all 16 files mypcdefender2012v5r31.rar, put in 1 folder, then right-click one extract the rar file, and finally you have one file mypcdefender2012v5r31.nrg.

Burn the ISO file to a DVD, we recommend that you use Nero BurnLite10.0.10600 (FREEWARE), which you can downoad in ink the following:

Thank you, you have downloaded the program MY PC DEFENDER 2012 R31 V-5, now you are ready to face any kind of fight against many types of viruses / malware most advanced in the world today.

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