Senin, 07 Januari 2013

Intercepting SMS Mobile Tricks boyfriend or friend.

According to the Association of Indonesian Cellular Phone (ATSI), at present, about 180 million people in Indonesia have become mobile service subscribers. That means, it's about 60 percent of the population in this country already have telecommunications equipment.

Well this time I will try to share about how to tap SMS on mobile phone cheating boyfriend who often let unnoticed spots. For tapping with tools to track, or tapping with more features for professional investigation you can visit the following link:

But I'm just going to explain to you how to tap into special sms Nokia Symbian. Do not wear it with malicious intent as your sins will be very large.

Goal, so we can faithfully with us, no one dared to cheat, and so no friends who betrayed our trust.

Follow these instructions to tap phones:
  1. Download smsanywherelite.sis, download link
  2. Install the application on the HP you and your friends
  3. Once the application is installed, you can not see the program or the application icon in the phone. The entire control must pass sms, ranging from startup and shut down the program, change the password, so sending sms to another phone. But that's the advantage. If used as a tap. Means the target does not get to know that handphone been fitted with the application. Exactly, your friends will not know sms reply tapped? Because this application does not yet support a GUI (Graphics User Interface).
  4. Prepare your victim's phone
  5. Set up your mobile phone to receive incoming sms from the victim.
  6. Enable this application by typing the victim's phone sms format SA (space) (password) (space) ON. Maximum password length of 8 characters. For example, if your password is 123456, type SA 123,456 ON send sms to the number two mobile phone / cell phone you. To turn it off, type SA 123,456 OFF to the same number.
  7. Then, if you want to tap more than 5 days or every incoming sms on mob victim will always be forwarded to your phone, type sms: SA (space) (password) (space) R1, R1 eg SA 1234567. To disable this function replace the parameters behind the "R" to zero. So, write SA 1234567 R0. Meanwhile, to forward any sms out, send sms reads SA 1234567 S1 to number you. To disable this function by sending SMS SA 1234567 S0
  8. Now, each victim to receive and send text messages, you will get exactly the same with sms terusannya original.

In addition to the above, if you have "sufficient capital" is there any way that you can tap people's phones without a complete unknown with more features, better when the person is call or sms, use this software:

  • Flexispy

This application can monitor all the activities of the target phone. Starting from the data SMS to a phone conversation. The information is sent to the server through GPRS channel Flexispy and can be monitored without the knowledge of the owner of the phone.

Most recently, you can automatically record the results of reconnaissance Flexispy to personal PC through applications Flexi Record. Recordings in MP3 format. Rates application is 150 EUR and can be obtained from

  • Personal VoxTrack
Psiloc application claim is the latest upgrade of Xelnex Lite. Its function is to record a phone conversation (incoming or outgoing) without having to press a special button. The activation process was fairly confidential records, because it is not accompanied by buni 'beep'. So, perfect for spying on people. Personal VoxTrack can be faced from , it costs 14.95 EUR.

  • Mobile-Spy
The main services offered by this application is to monitor user activity phone features, such as SMS and phone silently. In addition, air-mobile GPS locations can be recorded anywhere I have ever visited. Even the internet browsing history can be recorded in full by Mobile-Spy. You can subscribe to this service-based applications deengan register prices for 3 months 49, 97 U.S. Dollars.

  • SMS Anywhere
SMS Anywhere works with SMS forwarding (forward) all the SMS messages sent and received target phone and work without the knowledge of the owner of the phone. Because this application does not use the user interface so it will not appear on the phone screen target. For Your information visit their site at: , The price is 49 U.S. Dollars.

SMS Anywhere Application diperuntungkan actually for people who have multiple phones and want all other diponsel readable message. The easiest way is to do the forwarding to the desired number. Now, SMS Anywhere can do it automatically. Because hidden application service can be used to glance at another SMS.

In this way, we will know whether we are cheating boyfriend, or do we betray friends and others (of course capital dengaan well .... he .. he ...).

Sources: (with additions)

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