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Be alert and Identify Characteristics of Mobile Bugged.

If you read the previous article how someone intercepting SMS on mobile phones, then the article below we describe the opposite, how the characteristics of mobile phones are tapped. Because it is very dangerous and harmful, especially for mobile phones that you use for business or even more dangerous if you are a KPK investigator or police (regular tap the opposite in fact be victims of lead).

There are two types of intercepts, first using a tool based on the frequency of phone tapping. This tool is worth 1-4 billion are owned Indonesian anti-corruption agency (KPK). Name ATIS Gueher Gmbh tool made in Germany. Then there is also a mobile software bugs.

Because of limited resources, then I will only review the second part, the characteristic features of the software bugged hp.
  1. When your mobile phone battery being drained faster while rarely used, you should be suspicious. Therefore, a spy software (spyware) that is embedded in the phone, it usually will send the information to the wire. This causes the phone battery will be drained faster.
  2. Even if you do not use the phone, the touch, this phone feels warm because although it looks not in use, this phone is actually working, possibly because the wiretap itself.
  3. We used to call other people, you hear various sounds, such as clicks, noise, or other sounds. In fact, the possibility of phone volume can also be changed-fox itself
  4. If that does not sound reasonable from your mobile phone while not in use, chances are your phone is working, functioning as a receiver or a transmitter that is receiving a call in the surrounding area.
  5. When mobile phones are used to communicate, usually the phone suddenly dies, the signal suddenly drops or buzzing sound.
  6. Perform tests, tell the person you believe could hold the secret, of certain information. If then someone else knows your information, the sign, your phone is bugged people.

Hopefully the above information into the image for you and to continue to be vigilant and immediately know that your mobile phone has been tapped.

Not complete it knows characterize our phone tapped without knowing how it works and how our mobile phones can be tapped, to know how to work the phone intercepts continue reading below.

Basically mobile bugging software works if successfully incorporated into mobile application target, either by borrowing handphonemu, then returned again to steal it, and any way that biases enter into hapenya software applications.

Here's how the Software Bugs Mobile, which I got from a site on the internet:
  1. One must first be able to apply to the target mobile
  2. If it is successful then this software will send SMS notification when the target phone or sms do. Sms is only known by the monitor phone tapper.
  3. If the target phone in 'stand-by' then when called from mobile monitors will "auto-answer" and could hear the sound around the target phone even on the target mobile phone screen does not look any changes, and the phone log the phone numbers do not appear eavesdroppers monitor.
  4. For sms forward, if the targets send sms, sms will also send a copy to the mobile monitor, and if the target receives sms, this software will also send a copy sms to the mobile monitor. Even in the phone log does not appear targetpun hp numbers we monitor so there is no trace of any in the mobile target.
  5. What if another simcard change targets? Software installed on the phone memory bugs. So if the target switch on mobile phone simcard but still the same then it will still work without any interruption. Because, software bugs will secretly send SMS to mobile phone simcard monitor when changing targets so they can know the number of the new sim card.
Well now the info is more complete, the way how to solve it? continue to read the article in our next post!

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