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Story of a Child Soldiers ...

Blood Flowing stripes.
Camouflage color combination of green and brown are also bright red like blood
As long as blood is still flowing in the person of a soldier, during the same We stood loyal to the motherland ...

That afternoon show at 13:00 pm, 103 Cijantung school building looks deserted. Teaching and learning activities have started. A father of her little daughter looked out of the window class. Blood Flowing dressed in full camouflage with field service shoe and striking red beret, eyes smiling warmly toward the little girl with curly hair.


"Papah, doing? Kaka's already great! no-needs to be seen the same look on Papah. Kaka already be home alone, Pah!" So said me to Papah.

At my age it's just turned 12 years old. Our family recently moved to a small village Cijantung from a military training area named Pakatto - about 3 hours drive from the city of Makassar, South Sulawesi. Having long served in the military command Wirabuana VII - Sulawesi, my father pulled back into the Kopassus headquarters by Mr. Danjen who at that time held by Mayjend TNI office Prabowo.

My father was an infantry soldier, the other is the opening battlefield soldier, a person standing in the front line when the country was in a state of emergency one, a soldier who was adept at guerrilla fighter and combat strategies town, someone who is also required to sniper fire, as well as parachuting and skilled martial arts and has a high level of physical endurance. My father is someone who stands in front of army combat intelligence and concurrently give execute commands. In his official clothes are license Seroja Star, a decoration of the Republic of Indonesia for his services after the war in the name of Indonesia in East Timor.

My father is on his chest attached license Command, a wing of the highest in the ranks of the army because of his training the most brutal and heaviest known worldwide, to obtain the license, my father and all the other selected soldiers risking their lives in the jungles of Nusa Kambangan for months!


My father is someone who has the qualifications of 1-10, a soldier who has trained commandos to beat 10 people at once in a matter of minutes. My father was an abusive sunburned face, a gunshot wound on his arm there, which the legs are scarred. My father was an executor of the Sapta Marga sacred vows, someone who upholds the Red and White in his blood, a person who stands for the name of Indonesia. My father was a black soldier with the body straight and look fierce.

But lately, my father is no longer fierce the first. Maybe it's because I'm now not a kid anymore. I've been in junior high school, it was practically a little girl. He may also not fierce first because all the bustle of this move. This is the school's move to the 6th time! Being a child means the army must be prepared to live with the consequences of nomadic, constantly moving to follow sprin KSAD - Warrant Chief of Staff of the Army that are specific to all TNI soldiers, not to mention also for my father.

Today is day 14 I went to school in Jakarta. The school principal told my father that a child needs a strong foundation in learning, if too often moved, feared the child will experience delays due to absorb the lessons must first adapt to the environment. Looks like it really made my father worried, so he pays more attention to their children. Every day, I saw my father often came to see me to learn from my classroom window. He wanted to make sure that this little girl is fine. Understandably, first because He is responsible as the Deputy Commander relates in, we also participated with her staying in the Military Educational Complex in remote villages, far from the touch of the technology.

Schooling in remote villages, much different from the experience of learning in the city of Jakarta. The new round my adaptation to blend with the style of life of the capital city of Jakarta has just begun as growing up to be a teenager. Teenagers are a bit stubborn like today when I saw my father again at school.

"Papah, I'm embarrassed with my friends when Papah come on to school!" Murmuring swept in front of my face.

My father was a taciturn just looked at me with her eyes soft. With a faint little voice she said: "Kaka Papah just want to check it ..."
A moment later the figure went towards the official car of the gallant Chevroletnya green.

At that time, I was too young to understand the intentions of the Father .... What is clear, I know that my father was really dear to me, just as embarrassed seen classmates that my father was a soldier, I often indifferent-indifferent or welcoming recognize the affection ...


Another time, when no one remembers, when it was booming shoe model "Mary Jane" Gosh brand black output. I ask whined to my father's shoe models. So although tired after work to go home, my father is still wearing full service drove me to the Pondok Indah (at that time, the only counter Gosh shoes that were located closest to my house in Pondok Indah Mall).

Me: "Oh, just wait in the car Papah please? Kaka could buy it myself, Pah!"

Papah: "Why brother? Papah want between Kaka ..."

Me: "No way! Papah stayed in the car ! , Kaka not want views people, because Papah wear military camouflage to the Mall, it's PIM (Pondok Indah Mall)..."

Papah: "......"

My father was a frightening willingness finally agreed to surrender his little girl who is stubborn.


On another occasion, one evening I saw my father parked his official car in front of the garage. Today is Tuesday, my father had just returned from training his troops in ground combat material. My brother and I ran to open the door, rushed at him. Both arms Dad hugged us both. Looks shirt that military camouflage mud-mud. Holding her nose, in unison we said:

"Iiiihh Papah dirty clothes, shoes, lots of mud ..."

He was silent for a moment, I see. The look on his face as if to hug us tight. While sitting, my father called my name and my brother's name, so he said:

"Kaka Vero and Ade Yola now grown, are smart ...
Kaka and Ade already understand what is cool and not,
Maybe Papah is included which is cool huh ...
Papah striped shirt was dirty and shabby, not pleasing to the eye
Not such a good clothes in television commercials,

But Papah like Kaka and Ade know, that:
This striped shirt who drove and accompanied Papah to raise your
With this camouflage shirt, Kaka and Ade can see the world
Unlimited world wide ...
This camouflage makes Kaka and Ade grow, develop and blossom into a beautiful flower ...

Papah wear this dress by the Patriarchs and Founder of Special Forces known as: Blood Flowing stripes.
Camouflage color combination of green and brown are also bright red like blood
Meaning: As long as blood is still flowing in the person of a soldier, during the same We stood loyal to the motherland ...

As a soldier loyal to the homeland and the nation,
Such is also Papah faithful to keep Kaka and Ade ...
It is you who have made this Papah proudly wore camouflage ...

Kaka faces and Ade are always sharpening knives Papah loyalty during this ...


We were silent for a moment. My brother and I were stunned. No more denial. We both hugged her tightly. All my feel mix here ...

My father was a soldier who had explain to me meaning of life
My father who is black jet,
That every day exposed to the scorching sun,
Which has been slammed by the attitude of the bone:
Faithful ...

The man standing in front of me with clothes and muddy boots are my dad just got a star Paksi Kartika Eka, an honors for his loyalty to serve for 20 years without a blemish to the army.

He was my father who started a teenager with his great love consistency.
He was my father who started the lessons of my youth with a philosophy called loyalty.
He was my father who formed that mental sublime values.

He is very, very dear father, without any ...


Since that day, no one word out of my mouth to deny his heart.
Hearts and I said politely to respect its existence.
He has be appeased all my hard nature.
He has be caused to bow all ideologies anehku innocence through his attitude.
He has the whole ego demolished my world with the innocence he said.

And just as the words 12 years ago to me, so my heart continues to reply to all his affection to me ...

Nisyeworu, the author and his father.

As long as blood is still flowing,
During that would beloved father ...
In me motion also said,
I dedicate this whole life was just for the sake of happiness ...

All things beautiful
All the sweetest thing
All of the most fragrant in this world,
My father would always I addressed the beloved ...

*) Caption :
  • KOPASSUS : Special Forces were shortened to Kopassus is part of the Main Command (KOTAMA) fighter owned by the Army, Indonesia.
  • papah : favorite calls for a father
  • kaka : a call for the oldest daughter's favorite

Sources: http://nisyeworu.multiply.com/ , 23 February 2009, cited from http://pustakadigitalindonesia.blogspot.com/, translate and edited by e-library mediasoft.

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