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Application of Advanced Technology in the Program My PC Defender 2013

My PC Defender 2013, an "integrated suite for defend and destroy other malware", an integrated powerful tool to combat against various types of malware attacks, complete with tool setting and performance optimization of your computer. So it is not wrong if we call it a "Main Battle Suite for PC Shield and Protection". 


You've heard and know an object is often referred to as "The Main Battle Tank", more or less can be interpreted as a versatile battle tanks, he was able to fight on many fronts and can be used for various purposes other than combat missions.

My PC Defender 2013 is designed as the primary means of defense and of course your computer to function optimally for a protective and 
shield your computer.

My PC Defender 2013 is composed of a variety of tools repellent all types of malware in the best and latest computer today that will paralyze all types of malware that may attack your computer. A collection of the best tool we call the "Digital Fighter Aliance", which simply means that the Alliance Digital combatants.

My PC Defender 2013 can work in two fields, namely in the Microsoft Windows operating system (main field) and the field of Linux (boot from CD), so that the malware's strongest battle we disable your Microsoft  Windows-Linux on the battlefield.

Like a military combat division, My PC Defender 2013 can we classify as follows:

  • Infantry troops, consisting of a set of malware and virus removal software is a powerful portable to destroy vital system have a virus, according to their respective capabilities.
  • Lightweight Main Combat Unit, an anti-virus that is the best that can be installed on your computer, by setting and regularly update it serves as a quick bat and protective unit operating system in real time (all the time).
  • Heavyweight Main Combat Unit, which is a program that is able to work independently bootabel battlefield Linux so that virus or malware that tidah most powerful anti-virus killed at Ms operating system. Windows can be killed easily.
  • Combat Support Unit (Logistics and Medical), consisting of program security update (Service Pack), deleted file recovery, file rescue program Open Office job.
With the above configuration plus the knowledge and experiences we hope this tool can help you in protecting your computer from a variety of disorders and various types of malware threats.

 Another reason of the use of the term why is it called "Main Battle Suite" :
  1. My PC Defender 2013, is a collection of the best combat equipment against viruses, trojans, spyware, rootkits or other types of malware, a set of combat gear we refer to as "Digital Alliance Fighter", which works through the process of installation or a portable computer.
  2. My PC Defender 2013, is a set of internal configuration of computer equipment supervisor both hardware and software, you will get complete information about your computer and software hardaware.
  3. My PC Defender 2013, is a set of control equipment and control computer systems are usually many steps through the Control Panel to call him, here you just press one button control only.
  4. My PC Defender 2013, is a set of rescue tools of your data files ( For users of My PC Defender 2013 Advanced Professional ).

In other words My PC Defender 2013 this is a war machine built to protect your computer.So what our underlying claim as combat equipment fight against many types of malware in the world??

  • My PC Defender 2013, applying stealth technology (STEALTH). You will not be able to find where all the applications are collected in the "Digital Alliance Fighter" is, how it works, because it does not appear to the eye, but it can work optimally according to its function. 

If you open this DVD in MsWindows Explorer you will not find any file, because we apply a technology "Super Hidden".

  • My PC Defender 2013, applying technology SFX (Self-extracting archive). All software in the program My PC Defender 2013 to apply technology SFX (Self-extracting archive) to run code encrypted so it will not be blocked by malware as good as any.

  • My PC Defender 2013, applying technology TFOW (Optimation File Temporary Work)

All the software in the My PC Defender 2013 program works hidden in the temporary file, and just as active when you are ready to operate.

  • My PC Defender 2013, applying technology Fire and Forget.
My PC Defender 2013, is a collection of the best combat equipment against virusestrojansspywarerootkits or other types of malwarea set of combat gear we refer to as "Digital Alliance Fighter", you simply press the button, run and forget"Digital Alliance Fighterwill work best for you.

  • My PC Defender 2013, applying technology multiboot operation. 

Besides you boot the operating system is installed on the computer, through this DVD (LINUX-based) to eradicate malware that you can not break through the Operating System Ms. Windows is installed on your computer. 

For users of My PC Defender 2013 Advanced Professional ISO is 1 file MS Windows XP Live CD that you can use to save files / recover your system that has been corrupted by a virus / malware.

  • My PC Defender 2013, applying technology run windows bypass controller. 

You can run all the configuration settings Operating System Ms. Windows directly from the DVD, without going through the Control Panel.


English Language Interface

Indonesian Language Interface

  • My PC Defender 2013, has 2 interfaces in Bahasa Indonesia and English. 

My PC Defender 2013 is our raft to the advancement of the information technology world in Indonesia, that Indonesia must include language interface we did.

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