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John McAfee: Antivirus, Sex, Drugs, and Murder ???


John McAfee, founder of McAfee antivirus software company, decided to no longer do business in the technology industry. He had become a yoga instructor, building the business of extreme sports, then swerved dispensing antibiotics, and finally, he wanted for alleged involvement in a murder case.

Born in the UK 18 September 1945, McAfee was raised and a nationality United States (U.S.). He completed his undergraduate studies mathematics at Roanoke College in 1967 and received an honorary doctorate from the same university in 2008.

McAfee began his career as a software programmer at the NASA Institute for Space Studies, New York, from 1968 to 1970. From there he moved to Univac, then to Xerox as the operating system programmers, Computer Sciences Corporation as a software consultant, and U.S. aerospace companies, Lockheed.

Build McAfee and go

While working at Lockheed in the 1980s, McAfee received a copy of a computer virus that could be called Pakistani Brain dangerous at the time. After that, he created software that can detect and remove viruses automatically.

"It was a coincidence, like everything else in life," McAfee said, as quoted by The Telegraph.

McAfee founded McAfee Associates in 1987. He was the first to distribute the antivirus software to shareware business model.

In 1989, McAfee quit working for Lockheed and McAfee Associates operated from his home, in Santa Clara, California. The company gained momentum in 1992 and McAfee resigned in 1994.

Two years after McAfee Associates listed on the stock exchange, McAfee sells all shares owned by the company.

McAfee Associates merged with Network General and the company was renamed Network Associates in 1997. The name was only used 7 years until the company eventually changed its name again to McAfee.

John McAfee was back in the world of technology by developing an instant messaging application. But later, he decided to withdraw from the competition of technology in Silicon Valley.


McAfee claimed interested in yoga, an instructor and wrote several books on yoga. He bought 400 hectares of land in Colorado to build a property company as well as the hermitage of yoga.

In that place, according to the confession of yoga students, maintaining cultural McAfee employees who allegedly had sex with each other. "You would think that he was a wonderfully generous and kind, but he got something out of it. He is interested in being the center of attention," snapped one of his former students to technology blog Gizmodo yoga.

"He was surrounded by the people around him who did not have any money and rely on him, and he can control them."

Soon, McAfee moved to New Mexico to market a new extreme sport called aerotrekking. It is a sport air using a simple plane flying at low altitude from the ground. Group aerotrekking casualties who are beginners in 2006. McAfee sued to court and asked to pay millions of dollars.

McAfee then moved to Belize in 2009, a small country on the east coast of Central America. In an article in The New York Times, in August 2009, it was reported that his personal wealth fell to $ 4 million, from a peak of 100 million U.S. dollars. According to him, this is the impact of the global financial crisis and recession of investment properties.

Drugs and firearms

McAfee really do not want to go back to the tech industry that made his name famous. He tried his fortune by developing antibiotic drug companies QuorumEx in Belize in February 2010.

McAfee behavior described as "erratic" in recent years. He also established relationships with local gangs.

McAfee shocked the public in May 2012 when police raided his home in Belize and arrested him on charges of drug manufacture and possession of a firearm without a license. The charges were vehemently denied. After being detained for several hours, police released McAfee.

"Basically, what I have developed is a topical antiseptic. That is what they claim from my lab," he told Gizmodo.

However, in another context, McAfee explains, "I think it is the best medicine ever made, not just for hiperseksualitas indescribable, but also for the comedown smooth and mild euphoria."

McAfee sex life back is revealed in an online diary called Darkness Falls, which he released in November 2012, and is divided into three sections. The diary was later aired by Gizmodo.

McAfee claimed his life in Belize surrounded by several women. "Five other women to share the bed with me on a regular basis," he wrote.

It is also recognized by the local people named Artemio Awayo Belize (24 years). "Not just two or three, but many women. Every time I see him with a woman is different," Artemio told Reuters.

Alleged murder

Now, McAfee Belize police are being sought on suspicion of murder menawaskan American expatriate named Gegrory Faull, who was none other than McAfee neighbors. Faull found shot dead in his home on Saturday (10/11/2012).

Faull, who works as a building contractor was reported to the police for the actions McAfee unpleasant. Allegedly, Faull complained of a dog owned by McAfee. Police suspect that there has been a dispute before Faull police shot and just want to talk to McAfee about the murder case.

The designer of this antivirus fled after being linked to the murder case. The authorities are still studying the motive for the murder and find some other unexpected.

Although McAfee is not known to exist, he is still keeping in contact with the mass media.
In a telephone interview with CNBC, McAfee denies murdering Faull and will not seek protection from the U.S. Embassy.

McAfee said he fled for fear of the Belize police were going to kill and torment. "They will find out who the perpetrators of the murder. Was nothing to do with me, and they would leave me alone."
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