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10 Cyber ​​Crime Threats In 2013

Trends in the world of cyber crime will increase next year. Indonesia also predicted will also be a victim of cyber crime that.

"This is because the trend of online shopping in Indonesia continues to increase. Harvard School of Business Studies made late in August 2012 showed that the market value of e-commerce Indonesia reached U.S. $ 0.9, "said Aulia Huriadi, Business Development Manager of the company's internet security provider Trend Micro in Jakarta on Friday, December 28, 2012.

This year alone, said Aulia, cyber crime increase compared to the year 2011. This makes the countries of the world, especially developing countries, more involved and increase its contribution in the fight against cyber crime in cyberspace.

Forms of crime on the internet during this instance of data theft, child pornography, and drug trafficking. Here are ten threats of cyber crime which is predicted to happen in 2013 :
  1. The volume of malware in Android apps will increase to 1 million. This is because the use of the Android operating system is widely used by personal want company.
  2. Windows 8 security levels improved only for those users who are using the original software.
  3. Cyber ​​crime will be more directed to the use of cloud services such as the use of blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google docs, Dropbox, pastebin, and Amazon EC 2.
  4. Technology will increasingly permeate the individual so that the threat of cyber crime appear in unexpected places such as digital television, digital box games, and others.
  5. There will be an online attack in each country. Today was already a lot of forms to virus attacks a country.
  6. Cyber ​​crime will continue to happen with or without the use of cloud computing. Many of the factors that make cyber crime continues to rise, one of the people not educated to use antivirus software.
  7. The law governing cyber crime is unclear. Estimated that only two or three more years of this law will begin effective.
  8. Malware will be smart to get into the personal device or to a PC. This is because the malware had put in a fake antivirus, key loggers, and during data transfer.
  9. Nowadays people use their personal devices with a variety of platforms. Use of this multiplatform makes them increasingly vulnerable to cyber crime.
  10. Africa will become a safe haven for cyber criminals. This is because the level of internet connections in Africa at large in the world. On average the cybercriminals are from Africa, and many banks that block the IP address of Africa.

There are a few tips to avoid cyber crime. For personal circles, it is advisable to upgrade the operating system on smartphones and software programs, use antivirus software on the mobile device and PC, make sure the security password to change them periodically, and distinguish every password for every platform used.

Author: Anggi Kusumadewi, Tommy Adi Wibowo
Sources: http://teknologi.news.viva.co.id/, Friday, December 28, 2012, 08:17 WIB

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