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How to Detect Fake Follower on Twitter ?


The phenomenon of fake followers on Twitter is not a secret anymore. That said, there are even services "purchase" for those concerned follower.Well, for Twitter users who want to know how many followers they were "real", not active, or false, now the company has been providing media analysis Socialbakers named Fakefollowers services that can help.How to use it easily. Twitter account owner Fakefollowers simply visit the site and type in your account name, then click on the "check". Before that, the user can choose whether you want to follow on Twitter Socialbakers account or not by checking the box at the bottom.Having given permission to the user account Fakefollowers to follow, follower stats will be displayed. Here it can be seen how much of a false or empty, inactive, or "good" (actually an active Twitter user).According to Socialbakers, if a user has a false follower of 20 percent or less, then the user account that can be said to be trusted and nothing to worry about.

Users who have numbers between 20-50 percent false follower suggested that "be careful". But that percentage may increase as a result of the number of followers that a lot.If this figure is penetrating 70 percent, most likely the account has become a victim of cybercrime.How to identify a follower Socialbakers fake? There are several criteria, among others:
  1. Comparison between accounts that followed (Following) and follow (follower) of less than 50:1
  2. Posted to tweet contained the words spam smelling like about diet or a lot of money by working from home
  3. Post tweet repeated more than three times
  4. More than 90 percent of posting a tweet retweet
  5. More than 90 percent of the tweets include a link and the account has a comparative account connexion followed (Following) and follow (follower) of 7:1 or more
  6. Account in question never posted tweet
Users can use the services Fakefollowers 10 times in one day. Twitter user accounts identified his followers could belong to anyone. This means that users can know things like how many fake followers to follow your favorite celebrity or business rivals.

Socialbakers own Twitter account has 23,000 followers. Only 4 percent of them are fake or inactive accounts. Want to try it? Visit FakeFollowers features on the site SocialBaker. 
Author : Oik Yusuf
Editor: Surya Hidayat Wicaksono
Source :, Tuesday, December 11, 2012, 7:45 pm

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