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SQL Injection, Hacking Methods Favorites in Indonesia.


Indonesia Security Incident Response Team on Internet Infrastructure released a final report with the results of an astonishing year, in January-October 2012 recorded 36.6 million cyber attacks intended to Indonesia. With an average of 120,000 attacks per day, the most commonly used method is the sql injection or structured query language.

It was based on a report that circulated during the National Seminar on Internet Infrastructure Security which took place at the Hilton Hotel Bandung, Tuesday (11/27/2012). Thick 65-page report detailing the data regarding cyber attacks that took place in Indonesia.

"SQL injection is a method that has been chosen because most of the servers using this language," said Rudi Lumanto, Chairman of the ID-SIRTII encountered after the seminar.

SQL injection is done by utilizing vulnerabilities on a server to log into the network. Once inside, the hacker can access the data on it began to be touched, copied, modified, or deleted.

The next most frequent method used is the number of botnet attacks could reach 13,000 times a day. Botnet refers to a term that has been hacked computers to transmit data in it.

From the origin of cyber attack, the report ID-SIRTII mention that the majority came from the country, which is as much as 79 000 per day and the attack followed by China 24,000 attacks per day. From the United States also detected daily attacks of 2800.

Mentioned about the motive for the attack, Rudi gave up because it can be a variety of things ranging from business motives until just a mere fad. One such case is deface or change the appearance of the main page of the website for showing off their group identity.

Author: Didit Son grants Rahardjo
Editor: Rusdi Amral
Sources: http://sains.kompas.com/, Tuesday, November 27, 2012, 18:57 pm.

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