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Cyber Terrorism Only Time Problem !


Still remember the Stuxnet virus that crippled the United States used Iran's nuclear facilities? According to security expert Eugene Kaspersky of Kaspersky Labs, is only a matter of time before cyber terrorists use similar methods to attack a country vital infrastructure.

It was expressed when speaking in Information Security conference in London. As quoted by The Inquirer, Kaspersky said that the attack against vital infrastructure is "the worst possible of the bad".

"We live in the age of cyber weapons and cyber warfare. Till now attacks (against critical infrastructure) seems to only come from the government of a country," said Kaspersky.

He added that the technology to carry out such an attack is not owned by the terrorists, but it is only a matter of time.

Described by Kaspersky, cyber attacks are launched by a country is usually done with a "very professional", learn the victim by taking the data.

Kaspersky split into three possible scenarios of cyber terrorism by scale effects. The first and the worst are the attacks on industrial systems such as power generation, telecommunications, transportation, and healthcare.

"(About the telecommunications industry), I do not know how to protect them other than using brain intelligence. Worried that I can do is get ready to welcome the attack and manage the damage," said Kaspersky.

Scenario most "serious" the second one is an attack against critical infrastructure in the IT field that could cripple an industry. Many industries rely heavily on IT infrastructure, but do not realize it.

Third, the attack on the government, especially education. "The good news is I do not know what's worse scenario," said Kaspersky.

He explained, the more terrorists will probably be switching to cyber weapon because it is cheaper and easier to develop than physical weapons.

Author: Oik Yusuf
Editor: Reza Wahyudi
Translators: Yohanes Gitoyo.
Source: http://tekno.kompas.com/, Thursday, April 25, 2013, 11:27 pm.

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