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4 Ways to Avoid Cyber ​​Crime !

According to Norton Cybercrime Report 2012 Internet users fear the e-mail account hacked. This was disclosed by Rita Nurtika, Consumer Sales Manager, Indonesia, Norton by Symantec,

Based on a survey of 13,018 Internet users ages 18 to 64 years, 27 percent said they worry about e-mails they infiltrated.

Interestingly, only 15 percent of respondents who claimed to worry if their bank accounts compromised.

Why Internet users are more worried if their e-mail accounts compromised compared with that in fact the bank account can make the user lose money?

"E-mail a lot contains employment information, billing statements, personal photos, and much more. Many loopholes (evil) which can be entered only through e-mail," said Nurtika.

To prevent crime happening in the virtual world, such as the e-mail account hacking, Norton has a few simple tips. Some of them are:

1. Create a complex password.

Do not use the name or date of birth as a password. We recommend using a password with a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Also change the password periodically. This applies to all types of accounts, be it e-mail, and social media.

2. Continue to check the credit card data and bank data on a regular basis.

Currently, many bank transaction data is sent via e-mail. Therefore, it would not hurt you to check periodically transaction.

This is done so that you can quickly find out if there is anything unusual transactions. If you use a credit card, you can directly contact the bank and do the blocking.

You can also submit a complaint to the bank so that the transaction can be canceled.

3. Be careful about clicking on links.

Nowadays, a lot of links that can direct you to a phishing site. The site is very similar to the original site. The difference lies in the site address. For example, there is a site with the name Such sites are used to steal usernames and passwords from victims.

If you get an e-mail containing a link from a suspicious person, you should immediately delete the e-mail.

4. Kept up-date your antivirus.

Antivirus nowadays not only serves as a blocker and malicious killer programs. Antivirus can also be used to protect you in internet activity. Antivirus can tell whether a link and the site is malicious or not.

Author: Deliusno
Editor: Wicaksono Surya Hidayat
Translate by : Yohanes Gitoyo

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