Selasa, 16 April 2013

'' Tens of thousands'' Botnet Attack Site WordPress

WordPress was attacked by a botnet '' tens of thousands'' of individual computer since last week, said by Cloudflare server provider and Hostgator.

Botnets targeting WordPress users who use the name'' admin'' for trying to steal thousands password or passwords.

The attacks began a week after WordPress strengthen security with two-step filter an additional option when users log in to the system.

WordPress now has 64 million blogs and read by 371 million people every month.

According to the poll W3Techs site, about 17 percent of the world is run by WordPress sites.

"Change Password"

"This is what I can recommend: If you are still using the name 'admin' on your blog, change, use a strong password,'' wrote the WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg on its official blog.

He also suggested two-step log filter, including using numbers'' secret'' in the user name and password, and ensure that the latest version of WordPress has been installed.

"Most of the other suggestions are not good, considering the botnet has more than 90,000 IP addresses, IP restrictions are not so good because they can try on a variety of other IP addresses in seconds for 24 hours.''

Matthew Prince, CEO and founder of Cloudflare, said the purpose of the attack is likely to further strengthen the botnet.

"One of the concerns of this kind of attack is a hacker using relatively weak botnet from home computers to build a bigger botnet in order to prepare the next attack,'' he said so.

"The bigger engine could cause greater damage in DDos because the server has a network connection and is able to generate huge traffic,'' he added.

Editor: Reza Wahyudi
Translators: Yohanes Gitoyo
Sources:, Tuesday, April 16, 2013, 15:16 pm

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