Sabtu, 13 April 2013

Android Apps Can Used Plow Plane.

A digital security consultant named Hugo Teso from Germany shows how an Android application that he developed specifically to be used to take control of a commercial aircraft.

In a digital security forum Hack in the Box in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Teso bring scientific journal titled Aircraft Hacking: Practical Aero Series. He showed that the application can extract important information from the aircraft systems. In fact, the application can be used to control the aircraft.

The applications that run PlaneSploit named Teso in smart phone Samsung Galaxy. Following application view:

 Tampilan aplikasi PlaneSploit buatan Hugo Teso, foto oleh isa56k via Instagram

"This presentation will be a practical demonstration of how your taking over full control of the aircraft remotely, to show the results of three years of my research in the field of aviation security," wrote Teso in abstract scientific journals.

How, can be done by going to the steering system wirelessly plane, or it could also make another trip planned system, which is then uploaded into the system belongs to the specific application.

He was able to manipulate the steering of Boeing jet aircraft while the aircraft was in the mode "autopilot."

Teso, who had trained as a pilot, said the plane there are some systems that are not encrypted and are not safe. He knows it's access to the system so that it can control the plane.

Teso described what has not been studied directly in the aircraft carrying passengers to a place. He prefers to test in a laboratory aircraft systems. He also will not distribute PlaneSploit to the public.

Author: Aditya Panji
Editor: Reza Wahyudi
Translate : Yohanes Gitoyo
Sources:, Friday, April 12 2013,18.13 pm.

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