Sabtu, 21 November 2015

Guides Break Down Sites Linked Terrorist Group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Anonymous hacker group released a guide to find and break down the websites linked terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Post-tragedy of shootings and bombings in the city of Paris, France, Anonymous does declare cyber war against ISIS. They invite people to participate in the campaign Operation Paris (OpParis) which aims to attack websites and social media belonging to terrorist groups.

In total there are three guidelines that they release into the canal Internet Relay Chat (IRC). First, the NoobGuide on how to hack, guide "Reporter" about how to create a Twitter bot that is useful to reveal the ISIS account, as well as guide "Searcher" on how to find sites related to ISIS.

Since last week, OpParis already succeeded in toppling more than 5,500 Twitter accounts associated with terrorist groups.

"Instead of just sitting on my hands (channel) chat or hang around doing nothing, you can get great things from different tools and guidance that we have given," wrote one member of the hacker group.

"Your contribution is very significant and we hope you will participate in all activities Op if possible, more is better," he added.

As reported KompasTekno of International Business Time, Thursday (11/19/2015), here's a guide to find sites that are associated with ISIS.

Video : "Anonymous Hacker Guide For Anyone To Help Take Down ISIS"

1. First, install Python application on your computer, unless you already have the program. Link Download :

2. Open Terminal or Command Prompt (Windows), and type in Python.

3. Then copy the content contained in this link or this link and paste it into the Command Prompt, and then press Enter.

Its contents are some search-related material as well as content owned ISIS terrorist group. The search materials can direct the search results to be more specific.

4. Then select a series of characters (it is advisable to use the "3") from the list. Examples can use 3 + 38 + 46.

5. After selecting, continue entering characters (without the quotes) "print (str3 + str38 + str42)" and copy the results to appear.

6. Paste the result in this link, and then analyzing the results in translation. It is advisable to take some Google Chrome features integrated translator.

7. Enter any valid address to the communication channel and we are going to do the next action.

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