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Rise Of My Hero : My PC Defender 2012

Program Name               : Program "My PC Defender 2012 V.6.2" Rev.4 
Code Name                     : Venam
MusicTheme                   : Crysis 2 Intro Video, Composer: Hans Zimmer
Author                              : e-library mediasoft
Build Date                        : 4 March 2012
Release Date                  : 7 March 2012
e-mail                             : e.library.mediasoft @ gmail.com
Blog                                 : http://mypcdefender.blogspot.com
Facebook                       : Yohanes  Gitoyo 

Link Download :
  1. My PC Defender 2012  V-6 Rev 3 part 1
  2. My PC Defender 2012  V-6 Rev 3 part 2
  3. My PC Defender 2012  V-6 Rev 3 part 3
  4. My PC Defender 2012  V-6 Rev 3 part 4

Currently you're using a My PC Defender 2012 Interface, an interface that helps you to destroy various malicious software (malware), securing and controlling your computer if your computer is currently impaired virus attacks, worms, trojans, exploits, rootkits, etc. other.

My PC Defender 2012, an "integrated suite for defend and destroy other malware", a powerful integrated tool to combat against various types of malware attacks, complete with tool setting and performance optimization of your computer. In other words My PC Defender 2012 is a war machine that is integrated to protect your computer.

This file can you get in *. Iso you can burn a CD, because to maintain and to prevent any infected files inside a computer virus that may be attacking your computer.

This tool may be useful to make your computer to keep it in the best condition to support your performance.

PC Defender Features :
English Interface Language

Indonesian Interface Language
  • Bilingual, Indonesian and English Laguage interface
  • Destruction of malware from the computer boot process, with a Bootable Antivirus Dr Web Live CD (bootable) release March 4, 2012.
  • Program-based CD / DVD without installation process, be read only (read only), so it is not possible in the block / in any type of malware infection.
  • Destroy: viruses, worms, trojans, exploits, dialers, spyware, hijackers, adware, rogue.
  • Program Microsoft Office 2007 substitute alternative (free) Open Office 3.2.
  • Interface controls access to the Microsoft Windows operating system (without a wizard)
  • Setting the computer as necessary to speed up computer performance
  • Various alternatives best weapon destruction various types of viruses and malware
  • Anti-virus with the ultimate portable crusher setting the highest
  • Free for personal / home use / profit institution / business

Differences in PC Defender Free and Advanced Version
  • My PC Defender 2012 consists of three versions, namely : My PC Defender 2012 Free Edition, free to be used by private users / home, the active period of the program 3 months, to up grade to the ADVANCED version please register to us with a donation.
  • My PC Defender 2012 Advanced, freely used by private users / home, the active 12-month program, to up-grade to version ADVANCED PROFESSIONAL please donate Rp. 50. 000, 00. Then we will send the My PC Defender latest release DVD format to your address.
  • My PC Defender 2012 Advanced Professional users freely used by the private / home, business organizations, with the active forever. ADVANCED PROFESSIONAL Defender PC version you can get by way of a donation of Rp. 50. 000, 00 ( 5 $ US).

  • Why do we need donations from you?
  • We need funds for operational costs to make and upload this program to the internet, the cost of maintenance and purchasing software and hardware to support our performance
  • We are in need of funds to use legal software in our computer
  • We work for you, we beg appreciated efforts
  • We want our institutions to develop more advanced

How do I donate?
  • Send your donation to account number in the name of Gitoyo follows:
Bank BTN: 00060-01 - 50 - 012568-9
Bank BRI: 0583 - 01-001557 - 53-1
  • Send sms no notification to telephone us on: 0888 487 780 5 or: 0881 958 7686 or e-mail to us.
  • We confirm to the bank, if your donation is logged in, we'll send software / DVD newest PC Defender.
  • We report the use of softcopy send your donation to your personal e-mail

Credit :

1. Bootable Anti Virus: Dr Web Live CD release March 4, 2012.

2. Core of My PC, Core of My PC is a bypass link to access the file system your computer. Program "My PC Defender 2012", a collection of tool programs that are part of the Operating System Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 Operating System CD-based.
  • Task Manager ( Live CD )
  • Ms. Config ( Live CD )
  • Command Prompt (cmd) ( Live CD )
  • Registry Editor ( Live CD )
  • Computer Management ( Live CD )
  • Device Manager ( Live CD )
  • Disk Management ( Live CD )
  • Security Center ( Live CD )
  • Computer Information System ( Live CD )
  • Add or Remove Programs ( Live CD )
  •  Display Properties ( Live CD )
  • Time and Date Setting( Live CD )

3. Set up of My PC is a useful tool for monitoring system performance, technical specification and optimization of hardware and software for the computer is your best performance.
  • Process Explorer (ProcceXp 15.13) portable, released on February 17, 2012. Is a tool created by Microsoft SysInternals, http://www.Sysinternal.com  which you can use to monitor all the processes running, looking for suspicious processes to investigate anything suspicious in the process, and you decide to leave or shut down the process.
  • Autoruns 11.21 portable, released on January 12, 2012, is a tool created by Microsoft SysInternals, http http://www.Sysinternal.com which you can use to view and monitor all the processes that load when your computer is booting, running processes, both natural and hidden (illegal process). With this tool you can investigate the processes that you suspect, disabled, or other steps that you can do about the process that you suspect.
  • Soft Key Revealer 2.2.4 portable, is a search tool serial number of your computer's operating system and all programs installed on your computer, made by Mustafa Budraf http://sites.google.com/site/cakirbey/softkeyrevealer Aktap with the site and address e-mail: cakirbey_soft@hotmail.com.
  • BootSafe 2.0.1000 portable, released in 2007. is a tool created by http://SuperAdBlocker.com, which is useful to help you run a restart in the mode of "SafeMode", with different configurations to suit your needs.
  • Speccy 1.16.317 portable, released on March 2, 2012, is a tool created by http://www.piriform.com,  which you can use to determine the specifications of your computer hardware and software in great detail.
  • Safe Xp Portable, released in 2005, is a tool created by the site Theorica Software: http://www.theorica.net, useful to configure the operational settings of Windows XP on your computer.
  • Vispa v 0.6.2,  released on May 5, 2011 is a tool created by Jan T. Sott , http://vispa.whyeye.org/, useful to configure the operational settings of Windows Vista or Windows Seven  on your computer.

4. Portable Anti Malware, portable software that acts as a Search and Destroy Malware on your computer, because even though these anti-virus function optimally but without the Real Time Protector, for these functions please install one of the anti virus in the next interface.
  • Norman Malware Cleaner 2.03.03 portable, released on March 3,  2012, is a tool made by Norman ASA, http://www.norman.com/, with this tool you can break all programs that include classes of malicious software with ease.
  • Mc Affee Stinger Portable, was released on March 3,  2012, Website: http://www.mcafee.com/, is made by McAfee anti-virus, Inc., Useful to eliminate some kind of stubborn malware that may be lodged in your computer.
  • Anti Virus Portable Dr. Web Cure It, was released on March 3,  2012, Site http://www.freedrweb.com/ , anti-virus is made Dr. Web Ltd., In our opinion is the only anti virus that could "lock system" your computer to perform "duties" effectively, and thus will produce a maximum scan process.
  • Spyboot & Destroy 1.6.2 Rev. 2 portable, released February 11, 2011, is the anti virus made by Safer Networking Ltd.. Ireland, with http://www.safer-networking.org/ site. useful to eliminate some types of malware, spyware, botnets, and so lainl that may nest in your computer.
  • Chanet Splitter II, released on February 8, 2012., is a tool to eradicate the virus Ramnit, immunization of Virus Ramnit system, repair registry, created by: www.vaksin.com. repair registry, created by: http://www.vaksin.com.
  • GMER portable, is a versatile tool to eradicate rotkit / malware and equipment configuration settings of Microsoft Windows operating system, created by: www.gmer.net.
  • Ice Sword 1.22 portable, released in 2007, is a reliable tool malware hunters in your computer, made by http://jfpan2000@sina.com.
  • F-Secure Black Light portable 2.2.1092.0, released on December 22, 2011, is a tool rootkit rootkit eliminator or repellent powerful tool in your computer, made by http://www.f-secure.com.
  • Microsoft Malicious Software Remover (windows-kb890830-v4.5.900) portable, released on 16 February 2012, Website: http://www.microsoft.com/  is an anti malware created by Microsoft to help us wipe out malware that nest on our computer.
  • Rogue Killer portable 7.0.4, released on 9 February 2012, is an anti rogue tool (including one type of malware) that made by Tigzi the website http://www.sur-la-toile.com/
  • PCMAV Ramnit portable Killer, is an anti virus that was developed by Computer Magazine "PC Media" is attached to the June 2011 edition, is useful to virus ramnit.
  • FreeFixer 0.62 portable, released on 8 February 2012, is a tool created by Roger Karlsson, from Kephyr institutions, with the Site: http://www.freefixer.com/ , useful for removing unknown malicious programs on your computer and potentially damaging such as adware, spyware, trojan, virus.

5. Anti-Virus Installer, Use all the tools below to optimize your computer security, each having the duties and functions of each.
  • AntiVir Personal, released on February 16, 2012, an anti-virus created by the Avira GmbH, http://www.avira.com/ , a free anti virus the best in the world http://www.av_comparatives.org  version. Has a very complete functions to eradicate all types of malware, with regular updating and setting the right us make sure your computer is protected from malware attacks.
  • AntiVir Personal, released on August 29, 2011,  (Download link)
  • SMADAV 8.9.1, released February 1, 2012, made Indonesia by Zainudin Nafarin, with the site: http://SMADAV.net , think we have the most comprehensive features, of all anti-virus that is either made within and outside the country, only a shortage of anti-virus is "only effective for local virus", and most of the virus abroad.
  • Stuxnet Remover, released on July 26, 2010, a specific anti-virus stuknet made by Greatis Software with http://www.greatis.com/  site address.
  • Spyware Blaster 4.6, released on February 8,  2012, is a repellent and deterrent spyware tool created by Javacool Software LLC, a http://www.javacoolsoftware.com/  site.
  • HijackThis 2.0.3 was released on April 21, 2010, made by Trend Micro Inc. is the site: http://Trend Micro.Inc, www.trendmicro.com  , is a versatile tool to prevent the exercise of a program automatically when the computer is turned on, so with this tool you can cuting program hidden dangerous / not that you do not want active when your computer starts up.
  • Ulocker 1.91, released on April 21,  2010 is a tool created by Cedrick Collomb http://ccollomb.free.fr , useful to delete the file that you can not delete on your computer because it is locked by the system or process.

6. My Health Care System, My Health Care System is useful for maintaining the performance of your computer to keep it in the best circumstances.
  • Disk Cleanup ( Live CD ), is standard equipment made by Microsoft that allows you to delete the "old  files, temporary files in the recycle bin as well, so make allowances save space in your computer hard drive and will certainly speed up your computer performance.
  • CCleaner Portable 3.16.1666, released on February 23, 2012, is a tool created by http://www.piriform.com , which you can use to clean up unused files in the recycle bin, temporary files, registry, uninstalling the program, disable autostart a program at when the computer is booting, as well as several other functions.
  • Disk Defragmenter ( Live CD ), is standard equipment made by Microsoft that allows you to manage and organize files and system data in your computer, thus simplifying and accelerating the performance of your computer.
  • Virus Effect Remover portable, released on December 10, 2011, is a versatile tool that serves to restore all the effects due to virus attacks on computer, manufactured by Secure Virus Lab, with the  site: http://virussecurelab.com/
  • Avira Registry Cleaner portable, released on September 17,  2010, a registry cleaning tool waste created by Avira GmbH, http://www.avira.com/ , to keep your computer performance.
  • Free Port Scanner is a portable tool created by Nsasoft LLC, the Site: http://www.innosetup.com, useful to check if your computer port connected to the internet or local network, it is very beneficial to your network administrator, ie with know which ports are open you will be able to give permission to the port is open or you close it (if that port was open for trojan attacks, and the dialer).
  • Find Hidden Version 0.6.9 portable, a search software files that are hidden / concealed virus was made by Alexei Torgashin OPX.BIT daro, with the site: http://atorg.net.ru, by email: http://www. opx.web.id

7. Save Our Machine, Multiple CD shipped with this program there that has a time limit usage, click the link below to get the newest version. Umtuk you use must be connected to the internet.
  • Link Download Update Avira
  • Link Download Norman
  • Link Download Mc. Affe Stinger
  • Link Download Dr Web Cure It
  • My PC Defender New's, this link leads to our website at: http:\\mypcdefender.blogspot.com , My PC Defender Program to download the latest release version.

8. Recover My Life, Open Office file rescue tool 3.02 is that you do your job well Ms program. Word, Ms. Excell, Ms. Power Point. Save your files with this tool!

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