Jumat, 09 Maret 2012

How Download an ISO File My PC Defender 2012 ?

File downloading steps Iso My PC Defender 2012 :

  • Click the download link in the link we have provided in previous posts, you need to download all four files.

  • The trick right click the link, select "Open link in new tab".
  • Click the "unduh sekarang", wait until the download link available.

  • Choose a download file, or we recommend downloading the torrent file (select to "mengunduh file torrent ", immediately open the torrent file, and the download will start automatically.

  • After you have successfully downloaded all four files put all the zip files in a folder.
  • Right-click one file, select ekstract here.
  • You have earned the ISO file of our program "My PC Defender 2012", immediately burn a CD, and you can run our program.

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