Jumat, 09 Maret 2012

My PC Defender 2012 : Main Battle For PC Shield And Protection !

Maybe your opinion about the program title on My PC Defender 2012 is too much. The following description will explain why we use a tag such bombastic.

You've heard and know a thing that is often referred to as "The Main Battle Tank", more or less can be interpreted as a main battle tank / tank versatile, capable of passing a variety of terrain and combat-capable battle tanks in the other.

My PC Defender 2012 is designed as a primary defense and of course your computer can serve up to become a protective shield and your computer.

My PC Defender 2012 is composed of a variety of tools repellent all types of malware on the computer the best and latest date that would cripple any kind of malware that may attack your computer. This collection of the best tool we call a "Digital Fighter Alliance", which means simply combatants Digital Alliance.

My PC Defender 2012 can work in two fields, namely the operating system Microsoft Windows (main field) and the field of Linux (boot from CD), so the malware strongest on the battlefield we will disable your Microsoft Windows in Linux battle.

Like a military combat divisions, My PC Defender can we classify as follows :

  • Infantry troops, consisting of a bunch of malware and virus removal software is a powerful portable to destroy the vital systems that have a virus, according to the capabilities of each.

  • First Class Light Combat Unit, which is a best anti virus that can be installed on your computer, by setting and regularly update it serves as a quick bat and protective unit operating system in real time (all times).

    • First Class Heavy Combat Unit, which is a program that is able to work independently bootabel battlefield Linux so that the most powerful virus or malware with anti virus tidah killed in the operating system MS. Windows can be killed easily.

      • Combat Support Unit (Logistics and Medical), consists of the security update program (Service Pack), deleted file recovery, file rescue program Open Office you work.

      With the above configuration plus the knowledge and experience we hope this tool can help you in protecting your computer from a variety of disorders and various kinds of malware threats.

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