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Our Story e-library mediasoft : My PC Defender, Year 2007 - 2012

If you type the keyword "PC Defender" or "My PC Defender" you'll probably find the search results like the second picture below:

Keyword search: pc defender

Keyword search: my pc defender

Or if you find pictures of "pc defender" you will find the following software.

PC Defender since 2008 is known as an anti virus / anti spyware fake made by used by the "online scammers" to manipulate the user's Microsoft Windows operating system. Application seems to act like antivirus tools are useful, however, its function is mischievous and misleading because it is basically trying to steal money and personal data from unsuspecting users. The software is usually distributed with the help of Trojans and other forms of malicious software such as fake codec pack and browser page is misleading.

Due to this fact, it is not wrong if you are prejudiced in our software. There may be some of you think that our program "My PC Defender 2012" This is the development of the program.

Need we explain our products, "My PC Defender 2012" in no way associated with the above products. Program "My PC Defender 2012" is our own raft, and initially we use to serve the computer virus eradication service our customers. My PC Defender program structured around our needs, and only owned by us and only us who use these programs to our interests.

Program "My PC Defender 2012" before we call the "PC Defender" program was first compiled by us in May 2007, the program is composed of several anti-virus tool that we believe could eradicate the virus that attacks our office. The background of the preparation of this program is: since the end of 2006 the school under our foundation Foundation Representative John Gabriel Surabaya I suffered a lot  complain "Brontok" or some other local virus. They memnta we help this problem, because many of our trivial file "missing", computer "slow". Even one of our computer hard drives affected by a Trojan that causes the C: drive is full, resulting in even-even boot process takes half an hour!.

Then we will inevitably have racked my brain around this problem, fortunately we do not own, some of our friends to help provide a solution, at the time that the tools we use are the first generation and SMADAV PCMAV 3.4. All of these tools we put in our flash, and we fought from one computer to eradicate "rogue" is. But what happened to the virus will know the tools that we use, the software is on the block and the flash and the computers they infect us.

From the entries that we received and our experience working hard, was born the "PC Defender" in May 2007, with the interface as below, our friends thought we were "playing games", the interface is similar to the game "Counter Strike" which was popular at that time.

The next "PC Defender 2008", "PC Defender 2009", "PC Defender 2010", "PC Defender 2011", and at the end of 2011 we change to "My PC Defender 2012" (adjust the official name of our blog is: http: / / /, he .. he .. he).

Did we cheat ?
  1. Keep in mind we bring to the opening flag and the Bird Garuda Indonesia. Almost all points of the software there is always the identity of "Indonesia" of course we will not shame our own country.
  2. Please download, immediately scan all the files downloadan with all anti virus that you think is good, you may not find a virus, unless a "false alarm".
  3. Readme on the CD, there is a list showing the contents of CD / DVD, there are software and the maker's name, you can check the validity of such data.
  4. My PC Defender is a tool of our work, our institution for internal use, starting in June 2011, we load up with the goal of "social" from us to you, and Indonesia.
  5. My congratulations to use PC Defender 2012, may provide benefits to you all.

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