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20 Countries Most Vulnerable to Worm : Win32 Conficker 2013 !

Maybe you are wondering, why revisit Vaksincom Conficker, although the first of his behavior is quite amazing, but if it is a real threat to this day? Based on the database of Vaksinis malware incidents faced until 2013, Conficker malware is still a Top 10 in Indonesia. One proof is the Facebook posts of members in Vaksincom Fan page on June 11, 2013 which was infected with Conficker after doing the test on his PC by opening 6 figure checks Conficker Vaksincom site at http: / /, or in our blog

But this is of course only one example of course and we need to get an idea of ​​approximately how large the number of Conficker infections in Indonesia to this day. For that Vaksincom use some simple techniques to estimate the Conficker infections in Indonesia because it is the database for the current Conficker infections are difficult to obtain because the infection in developed countries is very low and major infections occurred in countries that have a low adoption of security standards.

The data base used is a database of, one member of the Conficker Working Group CWG issue data Conficker infection in 2009 at the height of Conficker infections where Indonesia ranks 17 as the country most affected by the Conficker infections by a percentage of 1.57% of infection or 164 794 total incidents. (See table 1 and figure 2)
  1. China, Infection : 2,649,674, Percentage : 25.21%
  2. Brazil, Infection : 1,017,825, Percentage :  9.68%
  3. Russia, Infection : 835.970 , Percentage : 7.95%
  4. India , Infection : 607.172, Percentage :  5.78%
  5. Argentina , Infection : 569.445 , Percentage :   5:42%
  6. Taiwan, Infection : 413.762 , Percentage :    3.94%
  7. Italy, Infection :  374.513 , Percentage :   3:56%
  8. Chile , Infection : 280.182 , Percentage :  2.67%
  9. Ukraine , Infection : 274.411 , Percentage :  2.61%
  10. Malaysia, Infection : 212.477 , Percentage :   2:02%
  11. Korea, Infection : 201.107 , Percentage :  1.91%
  12. German, Infection : 195.923 , Percentage : 1.86%
  13. American, Infection : 191.531, Percentage :  1.82%
  14. Romania, Infection : 182.790  , Percentage : 1.74%
  15. Colombia , Infection : 169.597 , Percentage : 1.61%
  16. Thailand, Infection : 165.080, Percentage :   1:57%
  17. Indonesia , Infection : 164.794 , Percentage :  1:57%
  18. Mexico, Infection : 151.861 , Percentage :  1:44%
  19. Philippines , Infection : 126.594, Percentage :   1:20%
  20. Venezuela, Infection : 102.073, Percentage :   0.97%

Table 1, the 20 countries most affected Conficker 2009

Figure 2, the number of computer terms, China is the country most affected Conficker.

But if asked, whether this reflects poor IT management made China so he was ranked first as the most affected countries so that you are more likely Conficker Conficker infected when visiting China than Chile? To find the answer we can look at the data from Table 2, the lab processed the data Vaksincom below.

Table 2, Top 20 Countries Most at risk of Conficker infected.

Internet users in China was 389 million in 2009 (based on data from the CIA World Fact Book, the Conficker infection the percentage of cases Conficker 2,649,674 per internet user in China was only 0.68%. While Chile, although only suffer as much Conficker case 280 182, but with the ratio 7.009 million Internet users Internet users are infected with Conficker is 4%, second highest after Argentina 4.16%. Thus the probability, of course, you are more at risk of infection if the Conficker visit Chile and Argentina rather than site China.

Then what about Indonesia?
Conficker case of Indonesia compared to internet users in Indonesia is 0.18% and Indonesia at 14 countries in the Top 20 of the world's most Conficker infection risks. Do not be too discouraged because in Asean, Thailand was ranked 13 in the Philippines rank 7 Rank 8 occupying Malaysia as the country most at risk of Conficker infected. Different from the rankings in badminton where the smallest ranked best, if the risk rating Conficker is, the smaller the ranking means more risk.

One interesting thing to observe is the low risk of Conficker in developed countries like the United States and Germany ranked 20th in the ranking of 19. Even countries such as the UK France and Japan who are in the Top 10 countries with the most Internet users in the world in the year 2009 are out of top 20 countries most at risk of Conficker infected. Please see figure 3 below to get information graphics 20 countries most at risk of Conficker infected.

Figure 3, the 20 countries most vulnerable to Conficker infected in 2013

Death toll in Indonesian Conficker

Currently Conficker incident has greatly decreased, but according to data from Microsoft, it is estimated there are 1 2 million computers are still infected with Conficker around the world :

Therefore, if we take a conservative number of Conficker infections worldwide 1,000,000 computers, the number of computers are still infected with Conficker in Indonesia is around 15,700 computers (1.57% X 1,000,000).

Why after 5 years Conficker could still survive and still infect a computer? One reason is because a lot of the Windows operating system that contain security holes that have not been attacked by Conficker patch. In many cases, Conficker is able to penetrate the computer that is protected with updated antivirus program though, because he took advantage of vulnerabilities in this patch yet. Because it is very important to choose a reliable antivirus program and is able to protect you from the Conficker like G Data Antivirus or you do patch the gap keamaman attacked by Conficker.

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