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15 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses in History !

Computer security firm Kaspersky Lab, in a birthday-15, recalling the 15 most dangerous computer virus that has attacked and complex computer networks in the world.

Here's 15 most influential dangerous viruses in history, as stated in a press release Kaspersky, Tuesday (17/07/2012):
  1. 1986, Brain, PC virus first appeared: the virus is spread by writing code in the boot sector or floppy disk.
  2. 1988, the Morris worm infects about 10 percent of computers connected to the internet (about 6,000 computers).
  3. 1992, Michelangelo, the first virus which attracted massive media attention.
  4. 1995, Concept, the first macro virus.
  5. 1999, Melissa, started the era of mass e-mail malware that cause global epidemic.
  6. 2003, Slammer, the worm fileless * no file), resulting in a massive epidemic worldwide.
  7. 2004, Cabir: Proof-of-Concept for the first Symbian; spread via Bluetooth.
  8. 2006, Leap, the first virus Mac OSX
  9. 2007, Storm Worm [Zhelatin] pioneered the use of distributed C & C server.
  10. 2008, Koobface, malware the first to make up as his target.
  11. 2008, Conficker, one of the biggest epidemic in history, infecting corporate, government and home users in over 200 countries.
  12. 2010, FakePlayer, Trojan SMS on Android.
  13. 2010, Stuxnet, targeted attacks on SCADA systems [Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition] to mark the advent of the era of cyber warfare
  14. 2011, Duqu, sophisticated Trojan that gathers intelligence on the target
  15. 2012, Flame, highly sophisticated malicious programs that are actively used as a weapon to attack cyber entities in several countries.
Kaspersky Lab was founded under the leadership of Eugene Kaspersky and co-founder. Starting from just 20 employees in 1997, Kaspersky Lab developed into the world's largest private security company, with more than 2,400 employees in approximately 200 countries around the world.

Kaspersky Lab develops secure content and threat management solutions, provides IT security for more than 300 million users worldwide, including more than 200,000 companies.

With the expertise of his team, Kaspersky Lab claimed recently managed to uncover some of the most complex malware ever in the world, such as Cabir, Duqu, and most famously, malware Flame.

"Fifteen years is a long time to be in the same business. However, believe it or not, I still love it. I love this team and I love my job."

"In 15 years we worked around the clock every day, analyze and deal with all types of IT threats that have evolved in that time span ranging from cyber hooliganism, cyber criminals, to the cyber war.

"The important thing now is to work together to face the threat of digital. Recent attacks like Stuxnet, Duqu, and Flame have showed how fragile the IT infrastructure against military and terrorist threats."

"However, we do everything we are to prevent potential damage that could occur as a result of this attack," said Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and co-founder of Kaspersky Lab.

Editor: Surya Hidayat Wicaksono
Source : http://tekno.kompas.com/, Thursday, July 19, 2012, 6:30 pm

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