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Virus Bulletin Comparative Review June 2012


One of the independent and credible organizations that do testing on antivirus programs regularly is Virus Bulletin. And since 1989 regularly issued Virus Bulletin Virus Bulletin Award. Virus Bulletin Award can be used as a material consideration before you decide to buy an antivirus product. However, the authors would also like to take this opportunity to give a little insight that we as consumers do not immediately believe the claims of the manufacturer and should be critically crosschecking information. 

As an illustration, even in the case of Virus Bulletin Award this if we as consumers will be misled also inaccurate because the brand gain Virus Bulletin anti-virus turned out to be the most even performance in another test Reactive and Proactive Test RAP plain mediocre. Both Virus Bulletin Award and the RAP test does not guarantee that the products that get the most award or the highest RAP test results will be the best antivirus, because there are other factors that you should consider in buying such antiviral onsite support and other services offered by your antivirus provider . To shorten the time the author leads you directly to the results of tests of Virus Bulletin Award in June 2012 and RAP review.

                                                          Bulletin RAP
                                                          Quadrant June

Virus Bulletin test does not charge at all testnya participants and do not allow the Virus Bulletin test again. Performance tests are reported exactly as found. Tests performed on hardware processors AMD Phenom II X2 550, 4GB RAM, dual 80 GB and 1 TB hard drive, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, Enterprise Edition, Service Pack 1. Windows Server 2008 platform, OS installation file size of 180 GB with file number 620 000.

Test methods RAP (Reactive and Proactive) is every week antivirus virus test with 25,000 samples. While the amount of virus ditestkan to antivirus program to determine the antivirus program is entitled Virus Bulletin Award is a 541 (Wild List March 2012) One course Wildlist undetectable virus or a false positive happen (not virus programs detected as a virus), the antivirus program will fail to get Virus bulletin Award. So if you look at the Virus Bulletin Award list and there is an antivirus program that failed to get the award, do not judge a good program Kruang first, but you have to look further , why antivirus fails to get an award, whether because it is not able to detect a virus or just the opposite, too fierce, causing false positive detection. As an illustration of this is experienced by AVG Internet Security Business Edition which failed to get the Virus Bulletin Award despite being able to detect 100% In The Wild virus sample because of a false positive (see figure 1). Yet another thing that needs attention before you convict AVG is not good is with regard RAP points to get a very good 90.2%. If we look at the testing method in which test RAP 25,000 virus and Virus Bulletin 541 Award virus samples tested only in the wild and AVG could detect all viruses Wild List, but there was only one false positive then it is not too negative for AVG.

Figure 1, AVG Virus Bulletin Award failed to win just because of one false positive

Furthermore, who earned Virus Bulletin Award in June 2012 is the File Server Security AVAST RAP 90.5%, Avira Server Security RAP 93.6%, Bitdefender Security for Servers 93.3% RAP


Where the top three vendors did show a good performance with managed to get VB RAP Award and the high point.

It is quite interesting happened on products eScan Internet Security Suite that besides getting VB Award also noted the value of RAP 93.2%, followed by Eset NOD32 Antivirus 4 the record get VB Award 12 times in a row to get a lower value of the RAP program Other antivirus 86.9% above the level of detection of RAP was also lower than that AVG does not get VB Award. Then the other products are also available in Indonesia, which in addition to Fortinet FortiClient secured VB RAP Award also recorded 91.7%.

 3 other antivirus product is also available in Indonesia and get VB Award is the G Data Antivirus Administrator / Client. Products derived from Bochum (Germany) This RAP scores very high 94.5%. GFI Vipre Antivirus 2012 which secured the Award VB RAP scores 86.1% followed by Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows in addition to secured VB RAP Award also get a high enough value 92.4%.

Last three antivirus available in the Indonesian market is Microsoft, Norman and Sophos with the following achievements:

Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection managed to get VB Award despite Extd ITW (In the Wild Extended) detection is not 100% and RAP point is quite low 85.5%. In addition, the antivirus from Norway Norman Endpoint Protection also managed to get VB RAP Award but low enough only 85.2%. Sophos Antivirus last who came from England though managed to get VB Award, but the value it achieves RAP included a very low 79.1%.

So a little summary of the results of Virus Bulletin Award in June 2012 and June 2012 the RAP Quadrant original link you can access from Virus Bulletin in site. jpg.

Hopefully this gives some idea of ​​how the performance of antivirus programs in Indonesia. Keep in mind, this is only a test result 1 month and only measure the performance of virus detection in the lab only and does not take into account the support services provided. The actual value of the software is not only on its ability to detect the virus and protect users from virus infection, but also whether there is help at computer users experience problems terkdang virus can not be faced by the antivirus program.

Source :, September 14, 2012.

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