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Clean htm and html injected Ramnit (HTM file repair / HTML Ramnit infected).

At this time many outstanding tools that can be used to eradicate Ramnit, but the tools to make a computer immune Ramnit Vaksincom just got. Techniques to make a computer immune Ramnit can only be found if you have enough flight hours in the field of eradication of the virus. If you feel this is enough, we inform you that there is still one important issue related to the Ramnit virus again and this problem can not be solved by any antivirus program. Does it matter?

When it comes to rooting Ramnit from the infected computer, these days many tools antivirus that can eradicate output. One of them is that you can use Norman Malware Cleaner for Ramnit that besides eradicate Ramnit which raged on your computer as well to reform the registry was changed by Ramnit. 

If you think these two things are enough to overcome Ramnit (read our previous article), chances are you've never dealt with Ramnit. There is still one more thing that caused by Ramnit dizzying, especially regarding the web server containing htm or html file. As we know, one method is to inject the spread of Ramnit file htm / html which aims to spread itself through file htm / html is opened by a victim computer browser. So if he manages to inject webserver, then anyone who accesses the webserver will be infected by just opening the file htm / html on the webserver. 

More sorry again if you are a webmaster or webdesigner's a lot to deal with htm or html file(re. Once the computer / server Ramnit infected then all htm and html files will be in the injection by Ramnit and the bad news is that to date antivirus program considers all htm and html files in the injection by Ramnit are like fugitives who flee to Colombia and will mercilessly in quarantine or delete. When in fact htm and html files can still be cleaned up so it does not need to start from scratch again. 

Once again Vaksincom hand with expert coding of the town gudeg, Yayat make tools to save htm and html files in the injection by Ramnit. So there should not break if you delete antivirus program htm or html file you are, there is still Vaksincom. And the good news. The tools we provide Free to you. Besides having the ability to clean htm and html files of Ramnit, Vaksincom also include a special routine into the tools so that with just a single press of a button, you can make your computer immune from attack Ramnit. Hopefully with these tools in Indonesia spread of Ramnit can press.

Actually on the internet there are many good-hearted people like prof. Xavier. Tools htm and html file cleaning of injection Ramnit ever made by Jing Ge by name Malware Remover Script VB Dropper. (See figure)

Fix the HTML file with VB Script Malware DropperRemover

This tool is made specifically for the repair file HTML / HTM that have been infected Ramnit and from the results of testing the tool powerful enough HTM file repair / HTML Ramnit infected, but there are a number of requirements that must be met in order to run this tool on a computer which program should be installed Java. And this tool does not contain the "magic" that makes computers immune to Ramnit.

Link download VBSDropperRemover

Chanet Splitter II, capable of fixing file HTM / HTML were infected. 
Maybe you still remember the Kespo virus, where the virus has the ability to inject Ms Office file that has the extension. Doc and. Xls. At that time many local antivirus vying to create tools that can repair files that are already on the injection by one of them is Kespo Tools Chanal SPLITTER works of Yogya Yayat man who was in publishing by Vaksincom in 2007 (http://www.

Now with the emergence of Ramnit, he returned to make tools with names Chanet SPLITTER II are used to improve file HTM / HTML that has been infected with Ramnit. This tool can search for files HTM / HTML quickly to drive / folder that we specify and fix it so that the file can be reused without removing it.

Here are some of the advantages possessed by Chanet SPLITTER II are: (see figure )
  1. Remain FREE.
  2. Able to find and kill the Ramnit are active in memory automatically when Chanet SPLITTER on the run
  3. Able to repair registry altered by virus
  4. Ramnit was able to remove the master file
  5. PC protection order to be immune from Ramnit
  6. Protection that does not make the Ramnit virus file to USB Flash
  7. Finding and fixing file HTM / HTML Ramnit infected

Chanet Splitter II, capable of fixing file HTM / HTML were infected with Ramnit

Vaksincom thank you for the time, dedication and knowledge that have been donated in order to create tools Chanet SPLITTER II, may be able to help the victims who had been infected with Ramnit. If you want to participate and make tools exterminator virus, do not hesitate to contact us at, Vaksincom will give you the information you need support but are sorry we do not promise material rewards. Reward will you get is happiness can help computer users as well as victims of viruses and prayer sincere gratitude for helping fellow computer users.

Ramnit way to completely eradicate:
  • Disconnect the computer from the network in order to prevent re-infection.

Use the tools Chanet Splitter II if you want to make your computer immune from Ramnit with one button at the same time improve the HTM file / HTML injection by Ramnit and can not be cleaned / the delete by antivirus / virus other cleaner. Download Chanet Splitter II of from ramnit / Chanet SPLITTERII.exe


Chanet Splitter II is made in good faith to help the computer users who experience problems with Ramnit. PT. Vaksincom testing tools already do this on multiple computers with different operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and found no problems and the tools can be run well on OS-operating system in our lab test. BUT it is also possible that the tools we make are not compatible with the OS you're using and can cause system instability or data loss. Therefore, for the safety of your data we expect you to backup your data in the computer properly. PT. Vaksincom and tools manufacturer is not responsible for any damages caused either directly or indirectly, for the use of these tools.

  • We include tools that is ONLY used to improve file HTM / HTML that has been infected with Ramnit alone. To clean the EXE file / DLL on the computer systems that are already infected Ramnit you can use Ramnit Cleaner Norman (special cleaner Ramnit) or Norman Malware Cleaner which can in from ramnit / Norman_Ramnit_Cleaner.exe then scan including Full HDD Removable Media (USB Flash / External HDD) using updated antivirus to clean the EXE file / DLL is already infected. If Norman Ramnit Cleaner has expired, please download Norman Malware Cleaner is able to eradicate all viruses (not just Ramnit) of

  • It is advisable to install the Windows security patch (MS10-046 KB2286198)

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