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Watch Out : Search Engine Hijacker Ready Stalking you !

There adware (Search Engine Hijacker) are rampant infect computers in Indonesia, especially for fans of great freeware and adware programs this blatant display himself as a legitimate application. This adware program cleverly getting the victim to install an approval from him to the computer so it does not break the law, because the antivirus program does not incorporate this program into a malicious program. However, the actions taken this adware may get you frowned. He will replace your default search engine and redirect search results to different sites with your default search engine. The number of victims and the difficulty of removing Adware can see from figure 1 below:

Figure 1, Victim Search Engine Hijacker will have difficulty eliminating from his computer.

If you are fairly active computer users install freeware like Free You Tube Downloader or another free application? Even if you download a freeware application from a site that has a pretty good reputation as, there are a quite shocking news for you. Most likely your computer contain adware that secretly turn your computer's search engine results without you realizing it. Even if it is already running long enough, the possibility of the victim has not been realized because it looks similar to the Google search made it replaces (see Figure 2 and 3 below). And incredibly, it can happen even if the victim computer is protected by updated antivirus program. Adware that possibility into a computer identified as Search Engine and Toolbar Hijacker Hijacker. In the cool term, calling itself Somoto software or Software Monetization Tools and great this software shows itself openly in Program and Features on the victim computer. There are several Search Engine Hijacker which spreads in Indonesia,, and that is very difficult to remove once successfully entrenched in the victim computer.

Figure 2, Search Engine Google

Figure 3, Delta-search that has a similar appearance to the Google Search

What are the dangers of search results hijacked?

Maybe you are wondering, why only divert the search engine results only really be categorized as a major sin? To that end, it may be worthwhile to look at the case of one of the DNSChanger which the action is to shift the computer which search results to sites they want, the actual action executed by the Search Engine Hijacker eleven twelve with DNSChanger because both sites to divert search results that wanted it. The difference, if DNSChanger do this by altering control victim computers and this is clearly breaking the law by changing the DNS without the knowledge / approval of the victim so that the perpetrators clearly unlawful dicokok by the FBI and still pursued to the Ukraine though. In contrast, the actions taken by the Search Engine Hijacker done with the approval of the victim. This is done when the victim installing freeware or other applications. Unwittingly / hidden, approval to install the Search Engine Hijacker Freeware inserted in the installation process which by default is in tick / check first listed in the EULA or End User License Agreement (which is most directly at the click I Agree by the majority of users). Because of this, the Search Engine Hijacker dare openly carry out the action and even has an official website which you can visit. Amazingly, he menginstalkan himself as an official program and on the Programs and Features on your computer :). 

This is one reason many antivirus programs do not categorize this software as malware. Moreover, even if you have to uninstall the freeware program which led to the installation of Search Engine Hijacker earlier, it does not automatically uninstall the Search Engine Hijacker program and in many cases this effort menghilangkanSearch Engine Hijacker browser settings led to disruptions that cause errors / hangs the browser .

Back to the main topic, the risk of the transfer of the results of these search engines are:
  1. Theft of information (profiling without permission) of search activities performed by the victim.
  2. Redirects search results to sites containing malware and harmful, pornographic or site potentially fraudulent activities. search results of comparison with

To provide an objective picture, Vaksincom do the quest / searching with and comparing with the Vaksincom keyword use is shopping online. The results can be seen in Figure 4 and 5 below:

Figure 4, online shopping search results on Google

Figure 5, the results of a keyword search online shopping on Delta-Search

In the search results of Google, it appears that the site appears in the category of online shopping is the online shopping sites are quite popular in Indonesia such as:

while the results of the Delta-search are:
  • (Magetan department store)

In general, the quality of the search-engine delta less qualified than google.

Search Engine gait Hijacker

If you are wondering, how far gait Search Engine Hijacker this in the world and Indonesia. You could be surprised to see the performance. According to Alexa, the popularity of Delta-search can be seen in Figure 6 and below:

Figure 5, is ranked 33 in the world and was ranked 39 in Indonesia

Delta-search was launched late 2012, according to Alexa, petingkat was able to occupy a very high ranking in the world in the global popularity of beat,, and In Indonesia, occupy petingkat 39, beat, and This at least can mmeberikan picture of how the popularity of compared to other sites in the world and Indonesia. Actually it is not one thing wrong and nice even if it can get good ratings and popular. However, if it is achieved by way of defraud victims, of course it is to watch and the computer users need to know what really happened to his computer.

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