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Here's How the NSA intercepts 50,000 Computer Network!

U.S. National Security Agency or the National Security Agency (NSA) has infected more than 50,000 computers worldwide network with a malicious program, some sort of virus, which is designed to steal important information. 

This news spread through the most recent documents uncovered by Edward Snowden, a former NSA employee.

Documents created in 2012, it describes how the NSA collects information worldwide. In operation, the NSA using Computer Network Exploitation (CNE) to spread and install malicious programs to 50,000 computer networks.

In a telecommunications network operator Belgacom Belgian named, discovered a malicious program in September 2013. The malicious program was infiltrated by British intelligence services, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).

According to media reports the Dutch NRC, based on documents Snowden, GCHQ over the last few years has been tapped telephone and data traffic Belgacom customers.

The spread of malicious programs by the NSA conducted by a special department called Tailored Access Operations (TAO). According to public sources, TAO employs more than a thousand hackers.

More recently, the Washington Post also published an article about the NSA cyber-TAO operations. Apparently, the NSA did sibernya operation since 1998. 

NSA-TSO operations to neighboring countries also launched the U.S., such as Venezuela and Brazil. Malicious programs installed in the computer network of the country can remain active for years without being detected. He can be turned on, turned off, and controlled remotely.

Media NRC Dutchman try asking for clarification of the NSA. However, the NSA declined to comment. A spokesman for the U.S. government stated that any disclosure of confidential material could endanger U.S. national security.

Author: Aditya Panji 
Source: NRC, quoted from: http://tekno.kompas.com/, Monday, November 25, 2013, 12:19 pm  

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