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Edward Snowden Hero or Traitor?

Edward Snowden could be considered a traitor by his country, but for the citizens of the world he was a hero who opened the eyes of all the people that all internet activity all of us, whether encrypted or not both can be monitored by the NSA. Actually, the general public does not need to be too concerned about the NSA because the body does not have enough resources to take care of people and interests lay and focus more on strategic activities such as counter-terrorism or spying on corporations or other countries that have strategic value to the country. That said, the only head of state that can not be tapped by the NSA is the Prime Minister of India because it does not have a mobile phone, let alone email.

That the security is a concern observers NSA exercise its action way tap and decrypt data being obtained. Instead of using the technology to penetrate encryption available and if this can indeed be done, of course, will contribute to the advancement of encryption techniques available. Instead NSA even use its authority to suppress enterprises encryption provider that the majority are in the United States to undermine the protection of encryption they really are strong and theoretically takes millions of years for decrypted with current computer. These enterprises are pressed to make peace between them so that when the encryption NSA sadapan data encrypted with that method, they were able to do the decryption to exploit security gaps that have been planted on purpose. Imagine if this security gap information falling into the hands of the wicked, encryption which has become a mainstay of consumer internet services and e-commerce service providers will be useless and all data that is almost impossible for the open decrypted only by doing exploits at gap deliberately cultivated by the security provider for the encryption itself. The possibility of this being one of the main factors Google and Yahoo are scrambling to leave encryption 1014 bits and hastily shifted to 2048 bit encryption in 2014 to protect their data traffic services.

Aside from the less commendable action NSA, documents leaked by Snowden also provide information that Australian spy Indonesian president, first lady and 10 top officials of the country. Actually it is common knowledge that the embassy is a spying center for each country. And the Indonesian government seems to be quite upset and asked Australia to explain this incident / apology. 

Actually, how important is an apology from the Australian government? Is the apology and promise not to do this in the future will solve the problem?

First of all, the authors find it rather difficult to expect that there are countries that promised not to spy on other countries, but they have a secret service. One of the main tasks is the secret service to spy on other countries and that the state promised not to spy on means he must disband the secret service and all relevant agencies where this is not possible because it would weaken the country from enemy spy activity. Can be ascertained, until whenever, mutual spying activities will still take place. Want to or not. Because of this attitude can best be taken by the government of Indonesia is following the advice Ebiet G Ade, Introspection into. Are policies that we've done so far can prevent us from spying on or even facilitate spying activities.

For example, Lenovo businesses and several other companies to buy Blackberry foundered not because it does not match the price proposed by the Blackberry, but because it was not sanctioned by the Canadian government, because they fear that if foreign companies dominate the Blackberry network that serves so many communication would harm the interests of the Canadian government nationwide. This should open our eyes that Blackberry data center in Canada and all the communication and exchange of data through the Blackberry network can certainly be accessed by Blackberry and they are inevitably subject to government pressure the domicile of the company.

One country that seems to be aware and conscious conduct domestic policies precise enough to avoid data leakage and high dependence on the global Internet network that in fact the majority backbonenya through the United States is China. Internet services are popular in the world such as Facebook, Twitter, Global, Line, Ebay and Yahoo underserved places in China were replaced by similar local services such as Qzone, Tencent Weibo, Sina Weibo, and Renren Pengyou. Even on the way China could spawn a lot of world-class products such as WeChat is widely used by the messaging fans.

What happened in Indonesia is the opposite. Three of Indonesia's largest telecommunications service providers the majority of shares are held by foreign investors. We are proud to be regarded as one of the largest users of Facebook and Twitter, we are proud to be the nation's consumer market is becoming one of the biggest Blackberry. Indonesian Internet backbone access both fiber optic and satellite generally must pass through Singapore.

However, we do not lose heart. Although in general, developed countries dominate the technology, but with the openness of the Internet is a lot of surprising things that can be done by developing countries that are theoretically less of resources and access to technology. 

Some things that prove this is China's ability to host successful in her own home. In the military world, Iran is technologically less than the United States is able to take over the high-tech U.S. drone aircraft that pass through its airspace (which is officially claimed to be damaged by the United States).

Indonesia has the resources are reliable, but the sad part is many of Indonesia's best resource even less appreciated in his country and should instead look for a bite of rice abroad. If we want to go forward, try to introspection into and do the strategic anticipation of this moment. Be angry, horn 3 times also allowed, burn flags may also not one country of origin. But do not just mad course, the more important is the strategic action and cleverly done to recapture the critical sectors in order to gain control on data access. Do not let the police or the Indonesian government had to beg just to get to the RIM Blackberry access the data from the corrupt and criminal. 

Remember, donkeys never fall on the same hole.

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