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April, "Hacker" Uniting Israel Attack Site

Activist group of hackers (hackers) Anonymous plans to launch an organized attack named # OpIsrael. This is the cyber attacks on Israel that began on 7 April 2013.

Anonymous asks hackers around the world to join in this movement. They had a mission "wipe Israel off the internet."

"Tim hacker decided to unite against Israel as a whole, and Israel must be prepared to be a party that is" deleted "on the Internet.'s Not a hacker, not a team of hackers, but this is a collection of hackers," wrote the group Anonymous.

They say this will be the largest ever cyber attack aimed at a country. Judging from the list of hackers who are willing to join, many from the Middle East region.

Haaretz the Israeli news media reported that the government respond to this threat seriously and prepare the nation cyber defense. Group Director of Online Government recognizes Israel Ofir Ben Avi, # OpIsrael were organized in the last few days.

"What distinguishes this movement with the previous attack, this is actually done by the Anonymous-affiliated group from all over the world are joining forces together," said Ben Avi.

Author: Aditya Flag
Editor: Aditya Flag Rahmanto
Sources: http://tekno.kompas.com/, Sunday, March 17, 2013, 15:18 pm

Update :

Invitation to attack Israeli sites, targets and tools to hack you can meet at the following link:

Download tools to hack link :

Target Already Provided Also Here and There is also info Latest Information Regarding Hacking # OpIsrael You Can See:

The above link I provided to facilitate the tracking of who is the mastermind behind "Anonymous # OpIsrael" That, to me the site destructive activity / institution is a crime.

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