Jumat, 01 Maret 2013

Struggle Movie : "Janur Kuning", The Story of Dutch colonizers Expulsion March 1, 1949

Film "Janur Yellow", a description General Offensive March 1, 1949,
duration of 2 hours, 4 minutes, 31 seconds.

Yellow leaf is a film of struggle Indonesia produced in 1979. The film, directed by Nature's Rengga Surawidjaja starring among others by Kaharuddin Shah, Deddy Sutomo and Sutopo HS


This film tells the story of Indonesia's independence struggle to regain independence which was retaken by Allied forces. The background is taken around the clock six events in Yogya. Real figures shown here include Suharto, General Sudirman and Amir Murtono.

Yellow leaf is a symbol worn by the fighters on the arm as a sign of the struggle for independence.

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