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Detachment 88 Heroes To Protect You From the Threat of Terrorism !

Detachment 88 is one of Indonesia's anti-terror unit, is part of the Indonesian National Police. Keep in mind that Indonesia now has the anti-terror unit in addition Denssus 88 namely:
  1. Brimob bomb squad Detachment C,
  2. Counter-Terrorism Detachment (Dengultor) aka Army Anti-Terror Group 5,
  3. Army Detachment 81 Kopassus (special forces Kopassus itself as also have anti-terror),
  4. Detachment Jalamangkara (Denjaka) Navy Marine Corps,
  5. Detachment Bravo (Denbravo) Air Force,
  6. BIN anti-terror unit.

Special Detachment 88 or Densus 88 is a special unit of the Indonesian National Police (Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia) to combat terrorism in Indonesia. This red rompi special forces are specially trained to deal with any terror threats, including bomb. Some members were also members of the Gegana team.

Number 88 is derived from the ATA (Anti Terror Act), which when pronounced in English reads Ei Ti EKT. The pronunciation sounds like the Eighty Eight (88). So the meaning of the number 88 is not like that had been circulating that the 88 is a representation of the number of victims of the Bali bombing majority (88 people from Australia), also nor representation of handcuffs.

Detachment 88 is designed as an anti-terrorist unit that has the ability to overcome the problems of terrorist ranging from bomb threats to hostage. Detachment 88 in the center (Mabes Polri) estimated strength of 400 personnel consisting of:
  1. expert investigation
  2. explosives expert (bomb squad)
  3. bat units in which there is an expert marksman.

Moreover each policing area also has a so-called anti-terror unit Detachment 88, consisting of 45-75 people, but with the facilities and capabilities are more limited.

Detachment 88 police functions are:
  • examine reports of terror activities in the area.
  • Arrest to a person or a person or a group of people who have been confirmed as members of a terrorist network that could compromise the integrity and security of the Republic of Indonesia


This unit was inaugurated by Kepala Kepolisian Daerah Metro Jaya Inspektur Jenderal Firman Gani  on August 26, 2004. Detachment 88 which initially consisted of 75 men led by Ajun Komisaris Besar Polisi Tito Karnavian who had received training in several countries.

Detachment 88 was formed with the Chief of Police No. Skep. 30/VI/2003 dated June 20, 2003, to implement the Law. 15 of Regulation No. 2003 on the establishment. 1 Year 2002 on Combating Criminal Acts of Terrorism, which is the authority to arrest with initial evidence that can be derived from any intelligence report, for 7 x 24 hours (in accordance with Article 26 & 28). These laws are popular in the world as the "Anti-Terrorism Act".

The special forces financed by the U.S. government through the Diplomatic Security Service (Diplomatic Security Service) and the U.S. State Department trained directly by instructors from the CIA, FBI, and U.S. Secret Service. Most of the teaching staff are former members of U.S. special forces.

Information sourced from the FEER in 2003 was denied by the Kepala Bidang Penerangan Umum (Kabidpenum) Divisi Humas Polri, Kombes Zainuri Lubis and Kapolri Jenderal Pol Da’i Bachtiar  Nevertheless, there is significant support from the U.S. and Australian governments in the establishment and operation of Special Detachment 88. After formation, Detachment 88 was also cooperation with several other countries such as the UK and Germany. This is done in line with the Anti-Terrorism Act article 43.


Police special forces unit is equipped with new weapons and combat vehicles made in various countries, such as the Colt M4 assault rifles, Steyr AUG assault rifles, HK MP5, sniper rifle Armalite AR-10, and a Remington 870 shotgun.

This unit will even rumored to have a C-130 Hercules aircraft itself to increase its mobility. Notwithstanding the completeness of weaponry and equipment is far Detachment 88 anti-terror forces under developed countries such as the Police SWAT Team in America.


This particular unit is funded by the U.S. government through its Department of State Diplomatic Security Service (DSS). The unit is currently being trained in Megamendung, 50 km south of Jakarta, by the CIA, FBI, and U.S. Secret Service.

Most of the instructors are former U.S. special forces personnel. Training was also conducted with the assistance of the Australian Special Forces and various intelligence agencies.

Detachment 88 is designed to be the anti-terrorist unit that is able to counter terrorist threats, bomb threats to hostage situations.

Actions Detachment 88 The Unknown Public.

  • 9 November 2005 - Police Headquarters Detachment 88 fugitive terrorists stormed the residence of Dr. Azahari in Batu, East Java, which led to the death of the number one fugitive in Indonesia and Malaysia are.
  • January 22, 2007 - Detachment 88 are involved in the arrest operation 19 of 29 people Poso residents who entered the search list in the district of Poso City. Shoot-out between police and residents in the event of a policeman killed and nine civilians.
  • June 9, 2007 - Yusron Mahmudi alias Abu Dujana, the alleged terrorist network Al Jamaah Al Islamiyah group, was arrested in the village of Kebarongan, Kemranjen, Banyumas, Central Java.
  • In 2007, Detachment 88 arrested and interrogated human rights lawyer of West Papua, Iwangin Olif Patience, and charged him with incitement and insulting the head of state, because he sends SMS text messages critical of the military and the President of Indonesia. Detachment 88 were operating including the use of U.S. intelligence officers in Jakarta headquarters to tap telephone calls and read SMS text messages of Indonesian civilians.
  • August 8, 2009 - Raided a house in Jati Asih, Bekasi and killed two suspected terrorists.
Seconds Seconds raid Noordin M Top Beji Kedu area, Waterford August 8, 2009

  • 7 to 8 August 2009 - surrounded and eventually killed terrorist suspects Ibrahim alias Baim Kedu area in Beji village, Waterford.
  • 16 September 2009 - Capturing two terrorist suspects namely Rahmat Puji Prabowo alias alias Bejo and Supono Kedu in Ivory Market, Solo, about five hours before his arrest in Kepuhsari, Mojosongo.
  • 17 September 2009 - Siege of terrorists in Kampung Village Kepuhsari Mojosongo Jebres District Solo and killed four suspected terrorists such as Noordin Mohammed Top, Bagus Budi Pranowo alias Urwah, Hadi Susilo, Aryo Sudarso alias Aji and wife of Hadi Susilo, Munawaroh, who was in the house eventually survived but was shot in the leg.

Actions Detachment 88 vs. Terrorists in Ciputan, Bandung, Wednesday, May 8, 2013. 

  • Special Detachment 88 anti-terror police since Wednesday (05/08/2013) to Thursday (05/09/2013). Detachment 88 arrested 20 suspected terrorists in Ciputan, Bandung, Kendal, and Kebumen. Here's credentials. "The total we caught there were 20, 13 are alive. Abu Roban From the search, they remain associated with Posi Santoso of which is still DPO," said Karopenmas Police Headquarters, Gen. Pol Joey Boy Amar, in a press conference at Police Headquarters, Jl Trunojoyo, South Jakarta, Thursday (09/05/2013).
Densus 88, Defender of  The Indonesian People from Other Terrorist.

Allegations of torture. 

The unit has been accused of torture. In August 2010, Amnesty International said in an urgent appeal that Indonesia has arrested Moluccan activists, and they have a concern that the activists would be tortured by Detachment 88. In September 2010, Joseph Sipakoly Moluccan political prisoners suspected of gross human rights abuses by Detachment 88.

Author Yohanes Gitoyo.
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